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Rachel Lawson-Kate
Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy
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Mrs. Lawson-Kimberly
Eric Staang-himself
Jill Staang-Salli
Gelman's dad-Simon
Rachel Lawson does a good job.
Mr. Lawson: Okay Rachel, your mother and I are going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet but we can't trust you to be alone so we're going to drop you off at the Staang house.
Rachel Lawson: Is it the same place where Eric saved Clyde Philmore from pushing Erika in the crocodile pit?
Mrs. Lawson: Actually, it's Clyde Sinclaire. Luckily, he became a hero after he stood up for Andrew Biggson.
Rachel Lawson: Can Erwin come too?
Mr. Lawson: Actually, your brother Erwin is still grounded for misbehaving at the Third Street School.
(at the Staang house)
Eric: Who are you?
Mr. Lawson: I'm Fred Lawson and this is my wife Evelin Lawson.
Rachel Lawson: I'm Rachel Lawson. I'm the sister of Erwin Lawson. I share the name with Lawson's stupid girlfriend who is as troublesome as him.
Jill Staang: I'm Jill and this is my boyfriend Carter. We were about to get married until Eric had to stop us.
Carter: Eric, what do you have to say?
Eric Staang: Don't worry. I will do better than what I did at your wedding.
Jill Staang: Like what?
Eric Staang: Rachel, do you want to go to Burger King?
Rachel Lawson: Okay.
(at Burger King)
Gelman: Dad, I said I wanted 10 vanilla milkshakes, 40 chicken strips, 80 chicken nuggets, 100 French fries and 5 large Cokes!
Gelman's dad: Gelman, that is way too expensive and unhealthy so I'm offering you 20 chicken nuggets, large fries, a Coke and a vanilla milkshake! Now look, Rachel Lawson and Eric Staang are looking at us!
Gelman: No way! I said I wanted 10 vanilla milkshakes, 40 chicken strips, 80 chicken nuggets, 100 French fries and 5 large Cokes! Give them to me now!
Gelman's dad: Gelman, you are a spoiled brat! We're going home right now!
Gelman: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Please! I'll behave!
Clerk: Aren't you the sister of a troublemaker?
Rachel Lawson: I am. I'm Rachel Lawson and my troublemaking brother is Erwin. I share the same name with Lawson's troublemaking girlfriend.
Eric Staang: I'm Eric Staang but I'm better known as Eric Smith II.
Clerk: Who's the first Eric Smith?
Eric Staang: The first Eric Smith has a brother named David and a sister named Ivy. Ivy is always addicted to baby shows so that's why Eric and David kill them to teach her a lesson. 
Rachel Lawson: I want 10 chicken nuggets, large fries, a Coke and an Oreo McFlurry.
Eric Staang: I want the same order Sharon Lawson  is ordering.
(Sharon's phone rings)
Rachel Lawson: Who could that be?
Mr. Lawson's voice: Where are you and Eric?
Rachel Lawson: We're at McDonald's.
Mr. Lawson's voice: We'll be back soon.
(later at the Staang house)
Jill Staang: Eric, did you improve yourself since my wedding?
Eric Staang: I did. There was this boy named Leo Gelman. He wanted 10 vanilla milkshakes, 40 chicken strips, 80 chicken nuggets, 100 French fries and 5 large Cokes but his father couldn't afford them.
Rachel Lawson: His behavior was even worse than my brother Erwin's and his girlfriend the other Rachel's.
Jill Staang: Rachel and Eric, thank you for behaving at my house. Sharon, I will dial your parents.
(Fred and Evelin appear)
Mr. Lawson: Rachel, we are so proud of you for behaving while we were gone.
Mrs. Lawson: Let's go home.
(at the Lawson residence)
Mr. Lawson: Rachel, thank you for behaving. You are now ungrounded. You can do whatever you want. 
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