At the Third Street Playground, Rackstraw had a naughty plan.

Rackstraw: I am going to cut Megan's hair! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm going to sneak into the classroom and fetch a pair of scissors.

So Rackstraw went back inside Third Street School on the way to his classroom. Then he entered his classroom and sneaked to the desk and opened the draw. He picked up a pair of scissors and closed the draw.

Rackstraw: Now to leave the classroom before my teacher catches me!

So Rackstraw left the classroom, and went back to the playground.

Rackstraw: Now to find Megan!

So Rackstraw went to find Megan, and then she found Megan.

Rackstraw: Hey, Megan!

Megan: Rackstraw, what do you want?

Rackstraw: I am going to cut your hair so you will become bald!

Megan was horrified.

Megan: Nononononononononononononononono! Please don't cut my hair! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rackstraw: Too bad! I am going to do it right now!

So Rackstraw began to cut Megan's hair. Three minutes later, Rackstraw had done it.

Rackstraw: Yay! I cut all of Megan's hair!

Megan: Oh no! Rackstraw cut all of my hair! I better get to the bathroom and check my hair.

So Megan back into Third School School on the way to the bathroom, and then she got into the bathroom and then she showed herself in the mirror. Then Megan noticed that she was bald. She screamed in horror.


Megan ran out of the bathoom and went to find Miss Finster. Then she ran out of Third Street School and met Miss Finster.

Megan: Miss Finster! Miss Finster!

Miss Finster: What is it, Megan? And where's your hair?

Megan: Rackstraw cut it off. He cut every last bit of it. And now, I'm bald, thanks to Rackstraw.

Miss Finster felt annoyed.

Miss Finster: How dare Rackstraw do that to you?! I'll have a word with him. Thanks for telling me!

Miss Finster went to find Rackstraw. Then she found Rackstraw and scolded him.

Miss Finster: Rackstraw, how dare you cut Megan's hair?! Now Megan's got no hair left, thanks to you! That's it, give me the scissors!

Rackstraw: Alright, I'll give them to you.

So Rackstraw gave Miss Finster the scissors.

Miss Finster: I'm taking you to Principal Prickly's office right now!

Then Miss Finster dragged Rackstraw to Principal Prickly's office, kicking and screaming. 


Then Miss Finster entered Principal Prickly's office, and she had a complaint to Principal Prickly.

Principal Prickly: Say, Muriel? What's up?

Miss Finster: I had a complaint from Megan! Why? Because Rackstraw cut her hair! And now Megan's bald, thanks to him! She's got no hair left! Punish Rackstraw immediately!

Principal Prickly: Okay, Miss Finster! Thanks for telling me! I'll give Rackstraw a good talking to!

Then Miss Finster left.

Principal Prickly was very annoyed at Rackstraw.

Principal Prickly: Rackstraw, I'm very disappointed in you for cutting Megan's hair. You know you're not supposed to do that. This is a very serious situation, a very serious situation indeed! You don't cut anyone's hair off at school! That's for school staff, hairdressers or barbers only. You see cutting anyone's hair undermines authority. It demonstrates impertinence, disrespect, laziness. You know it's very naughty to cut Megan's hair! Now Megan's bald, because of you! That's it, you're suspended for two weeks! Go home right now while I call your parents!

Back home, Rackstraw's parents were furious with Rackstraw.

Rackstraw's dad: Barney, how dare you cut Megan's hair? You know you can't do that at all.

Rackstraw's mum: Now Megan's got no hair left, thanks to you! That's it, young man! You are grounded for 20 days!

Rackstraw's dad: This means no video games! And for this, you will watch Sesame Street!

Rackstraw's mum: Go to your room now!

Rackstraw went up to his room, crying. 

Rackstraw: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Brian as Rackstraw

Allison as Megan

Wiseguy as Miss Finster and Principal Prickly

Dave as Rackstraw's dad

Susan as Rackstraw's mum

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