Randall and Mundy-Eric

Leonard Weems-Paul


Mr. Mundy-Alan

Mrs. Mundy-Kate


Similar to Tyrone misbehaves at KFC, but Randall gets the chocolate chip cookie rather than the chocolate chip cake.


Randall: Hey Dad?

Leonard Weems: What is it Randall?

Randall: Can I go to KFC?

Leonard Weems: Yes, you can go.

(at KFC)

Randall: Hey! Is this place rebuilt?!

Clerk: Afraid so. The last time Erwin Lawson wanted a chocolate chip cake but I told him we ran out so he had to get a chocolate chip cookie. Anyways, what can I get you?

Randall: I would like popcorn chicken, macaroni and cheese, a Pepsi and a chocolate chip cake.

Clerk: I'm sorry to say this Randall but I already gave the last chocolate chip cake to TJ.

Randall: Good thing he's not one of my haters but what else do you have?

Clerk: It's okay Randall. How about a chocolate chip cookie instead?

(cuts to a nearby table)

Mundy: I'm not eating this! I want McDonald's!

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, we are not having McDonald's! We are having KFC so eat it!

Mrs. Mundy: I agree with your father! Eat what's on your plate right now!

Mundy (Shouty's voice): NO!

(he throws the food away)

Mr. Mundy: Conrad, how dare you throw the food at the window?! That's it!

Mrs. Mundy: We're going home now!

Mundy (while exiting): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(back at the counter)

Randall: Dad, why are you here?

Leonard Weems: Well Randall, I was hungry so I decided  to stop here for lunch. Also, I just got a call from Reginald and Katie Mundy. They told me their son was throwing a tantrum all because he wanted to eat at McDonald's. I'm sure Conrad will be grounded big time. Anyways, have you made up your mind?

Randall: Like before but one's different. I would like popcorn chicken, macaroni and cheese, a Pepsi and a chocolate chip cookie.

Leonard Weems: That was better than what Lawson did. We'll have it to go.

(back home)

Leonard Weems: Since you behaved at KFC, you are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you like. 

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