Dr. Slicer-Dave

Leonard Weems-Paul

Mr. Dallas-himself


This takes place right after Clyde gave me a nosebleed.


(In a hospital and I'm on the phone)

Me: Who is this?

Dr. Slicer: It's Dr. Slicer. I'm just here to inform you that I'm now the substitute principal of the Third Street School. 

Me: I know. I tried lots of things to prevent me from being harmed by these bullies. 

Dr. Slicer: Well, I gotta go. In the meantime, a visitor is here to see you.

(Randall Weems shows up)

Me: Thank God you're here. My nose is broken and I have a nosebleed thanks to Clyde.

Randall: Relax Fluttershy106. I know how to make your nose better.

Me: How?

Randall: Watch. Episkey!

(My nose is now healed)

Me: Randall, thank you so much. You're a lifesaver. Where did you learn that spell?

Randall: I got it from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Me: That meant everything, but where will I work now?

Randall: What do you mean?

Me: Dr. Slicer is now taking over for me since I got sent here so I need another job.

(My phone rings)

Me: Who could that be?

Mr. Dallas: It's Mr. Dallas. I'm here to inform you that Principal Eric's grandfather passed away so he's not going to be around, so I want you to substitute for him.

Me: Thank you.

(I hang up)

(at the Weems' residence)

Leonard: Randall, I am so proud of you for healing Fluttershy106's nose by doing the Episkey spell on it. Where did you learn it?

Randall: I learned it from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Leonard: That's good to hear, but Fluttershy106 quit his job and is now substituting for Principal Eric at the Mario Enemies School. Now Dr. Slicer will substitute for him.

Randall: I will miss him.

Leonard: Same here. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you want.

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