Characters Edit

  • Randall-Eric
  • Jose Marquez's dad-Alan
  • Jose Marquez-Brian
  • Gelman-Joey
  • Miss Finster-Wiseguy
  • Principal Prickly-Wiseguy
  • Me-Steven
  • Gelman's dad-Simon
  • Leonard-Paul

Plot Edit

Randall Weems does a good job. Still no sign of Principal Prickly so I'm taking his place, once again.

Transcript Edit

  • Randall: I'm going to make a grounded video out of Jose Marquez.
  • (video begins)
  • Jose Marquez's dad: Jose Marquez, how dare you get Lizzy in trouble?! She taunted at you for your own good! You're grounded!
  • Jose Marquez: But...
  • Jose Marquez's dad: I don't care! Go to your room now!
  • (Video ends)
  • Randall: There! That will show him!
  • (Gelman appears behind Randall)
  • Gelman: Hey, I heard that you made a grounded video out of someone. When I was looking at some videos on YouTube, I came across your video and realized that you were making a grounded video out of someone that you think is too overrated. What has Jose Marquez ever done to you? I'm telling Miss Finster on you!
  • Randall: Silence before I kill you!
  • Gelman: Hey! You do not EVER threaten someone like that!
  • Miss Finster: What is going on around here?!
  • Gelman: Randall made a grounded video out of Jose Marquez and he threatened to kill me!
  • Miss Finster: You're going to the principal's office for trying to get Randall Weems in trouble! Also, Jose Marquez is much of a troublemaker as you!
  • Gelman: But Miss Finster, Jose Marquez is my friend!
  • Miss Finster: But nothing! Go there now or else I will deduce your recess time in half!
  • Gelman: Okay, I'm going!
  • Miss Finster: And as for you Randall, you get to have recess every day.
  • Randall: Thanks.
  • (in office)
  • Gelman: So Fluttershy106, this is the third time we meet.
  • Me: Yes, Principal Prickly's sickness still won't go away so I'm still substituting for him. Anyways, why are you here?
  • Gelman: Randall made a grounded video out of Jose Marquez and he threatened to kill me. I could have called the cops on him.
  • Me: Well, the reason why he threatened to kill you is because you're a disgrace to Miss Finster and the entire school as well! Also, if Principal Prickly had come back, he would have given you something worse than a detention level! For now, I have no choice to give you Suspension Level 8! Go home or else I will give you a Suspension Level 9!
  • (Gelman runs away)
  • Me: What a naughty boy.
  • (Phone rings)
  • Principal Prickly: Hello, Fluttershy106, how is it going so far substituting for me?
  • Me: It has gone well but I do have to complain about Gelman.
  • Principal Prickly: Why?
  • Me: He tried to get Randall Weems in trouble three times. First, for making a grounded video out of Flash Sentry, second for throwing a basketball at Miss Finster and now for making a grounded video out of Jose Marquez.
  • Principal Prickly: Did you give him a detention level?
  • Me: No but I gave him something worse than that.
  • Principal Prickly: What?
  • Me: A suspension level. 
  • Principal Prickly: Does that mean he's suspended for eight days?
  • Me: Yes it does. I hope his suspension levels teach him a lesson.
  • (at Gelman's house)
  • Gelman's dad: Gelman, how dare you try to get Randall in trouble?!
  • Gelman: But he made a grounded video out of Jose Marquez.
  • Gelman's dad: I don't care! Even worse, you got a Suspension Level 8! You're grounded until your 8-day suspension is over! Go to your room now!
  • (at Randall's house)
  • Leonard: Randall, thank you for making a grounded video out of Jose Marquez. You know we hated him. You're ungrounded forever. You can do what you like.
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