Madame Gasket-Wiseguy

Tommy and Mr. Gasket-Alan

Best Buy Clerk-Dallas


This picks up right after Destiny smashed Harold's Samsung Galaxy S9+.


Ratchet: Man, I feel really bad for Harold. Why? Because 2 days ago, his sister Destiny destroyed his Samsung Galaxy S9+. I wish I could get him a new one. I know. I will get revenge on Destiny and then, get Harold a new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

(at the McDonald residence)

Destiny: Who is it?

Ratchet: It is I, Phineas T. Ratchet and I'm here to capture you! 

(in the car)

Destiny: (crying in Federica's voice, Italian)

Ratchet: Stop crying like a baby Destiny! You deserve it for smashing your brother's Samsung Galaxy S9+! Now here we are at the chop shop!

(at the chop shop)

Ratchet: In you go!

(Destiny is melted)

Ratchet: Hooray! Now to go to Best Buy and get Harold a new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

(at Best Buy)

Ratchet: Wow, this place is really crowded and a lot of workers are very busy, but there's no time to waste. I need to find that new Samsung Galaxy S9+ for Harold.

(10 seconds later)

Ratchet: Yes, that was really easy! I'm going to grab it!

(after taking it)

Ratchet: Now to pay for it.

Best Buy Clerk: Welcome to Best Buy. What can I get you?

Ratchet: I would like to buy this Samsung Galaxy S9+ please.

Best Buy Clerk: That would be $343.

Ratchet: Here you go.

Best Buy Clerk: Thanks.

(back at the McDonald residence)

Harold: Who could that be?

Ratchet: It is I, Phineas T. Ratchet. Your sister is gone and also, I have a surprise for you.

Harold: What could it be?

Ratchet: It's a new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Harold: Thank you. 

Allister: What is going on here?

Tommy: We heard you.

Tracey: What's with all the excitement?

Harold: Ratchet just gave me a new Samsung Galaxy S9+ and he also melted Destiny.

Allister: Ratchet, how dare you give our son a new Samsung Galaxy S9+ when he was still grounded and melt Destiny?!

Tracey: That's it! Go back to the chop shop at once!

(Ratchet runs to the chop shop)

Allister: And Harold, you are grounded for the fourth time!

Tommy: Go to bed now!

(at the chop shop)

Madame Gasket: Ratchet, I can't believe you melted Destiny McDonald and gave her brother Harold a new Samsung Galaxy S9+! You know better!

Ratchet: But Mom, I wanted to get back at her for smashing his Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Madame Gasket: I don't care! You still have no right to melt Destiny or use my money to give her brother Harold a new Samsung Galaxy S9+! Instead of sending you to your room, you will be sent to your father!

(Ratchet is sent to his father)

Ratchet (in his sound clip): AAH! MY UPGRADES!

Mr. Gasket: It's okay, son. You can shine no matter what you're made of.

Ratchet: Just stop it!

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