Stingy-Young Guy/Charlie


Madame Gasket-Wiseguy

Mr. Gasket-Alan

Kirby Loopsy-Salli

Stingy's ghost-Lee


Sequel to AMTRoseFan2016 goes to another school.


Ratchet: AMTRoseFan2016, I am sorry Stingy stole your certificate. You're now ungrounded. As for this, you will help me melt Stingy.

(at Stingy's house)

Stingy: Well, well, well, if isn't AMTRoseFan2016! 

AMTRoseFan2016: That's right! I have someone else!

Ratchet: It is I, Phineas T Ratchet! Since you stole AMTRoseFan2016's certificate, you will give it back to him right now!

Stingy: For the last time, it's mine!

Ratchet: That's it! Come with me!

(in chop shop)

Ratchet: Any last words?


Ratchet: Then, it's time for melting!

Stingy: (as he's being melted, Big Liar sound clip) OH MY GOD!!!

(his remains are used for appliances)

AMTRoseFan2016: Thank you Ratchet. Do you still have my certificate?

Ratchet: Yes, I do.

AMTRoseFan2016: Thank you. Now let's go back to my house because my mom's not here.

(at AMTRoseFan2016's house)

Ratchet: In case someone revives Stingy, I'm going to put your certificate in a safe so that he can't have access getting to it and only you will know the combination.

(after Ratchet put the certificate in a safe)

Ratchet: There, that takes care of everything. Now to meet your girlfriend Kirby Loopsy at the beach.

(later, Kirby Loopsy and AMTRoseFan2016 are seeing the sunset at the beach)

Kirby Loopsy: That's the best part.

AMTRoseFan2016: I know.

(back at the chop shop, Stingy's ghost rises)

Ghost of Stingy: Let me guess! Phineas T Ratchet killed me and AMTRoseFan2016 got his certificate back! I will sing the Mine song even though I'm a ghost.

(the ghost of Stingy sings the mine song, as he goes to AMTRoseFan2016's house)

Ghost of Stingy: Let me guess! Ratchet also put the certificate in a safe so I can't have access getting to it! I will tell AMTRoseFan2016's mom about this right now!

Veena: Stingy, I didn't expect to see you like that! 

Ghost of Stingy: That's because Ratchet melted me so I'm now a ghost! Also, he put the certificate in a safe so I can't have access getting to it! Please ground him right now!

Veena: Okay!

(15 minutes later)

Veena: Phineas T Ratchet, how dare you unground my son and then have him help you melt Stingy?! That's it! Go home now!

(Ratchet runs in shocked)

Veena: And AMTRoseFan2016, for being ungrounded by Ratchet, you're grounded forever! Go to your room now!

(back at the chop shop)

Madame Gasket: Ratchet, how dare you unground AMTRoseFan2016 and have him help you melt Stingy?! You know you can't do that!

Ratchet: But Mom, AMTRoseFan2016 is not a troublemaker so that's why I ungrounded him. Also, it was Stingy's fault for swiping his certificate.

Madame Gasket: I don't care! You still have no right to unground AMTRoseFan2016 or melt any Lazy Town character! As punishment, I will send you to your father!


Ratchet (in his sound clip): AH! MY UPGRADES!

Mr. Gasket: It's okay son. You can shine no matter what you're made of.


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