Radar Overseer Scotty-Male Voice 1

Ellen's dad-Diesel

Madame Gasket-Wiseguy

Mr. Gasket-Alan


This is the sequel to Gwyneth gets grounded for trying to marry Ricardo.


Ratchet: Ellen, I am sorry Gwyneth tried to marry Ricardo. To make it up, you're ungrounded. Also, I hate Radar Overseer Scotty so you can be my partner to melt him.

Ellen: Thank you.

(at Radar Overseer Scotty's house)

Radar Overseer Scotty: Oh no! If is isn't Ellen?!

Ellen: That's right! I got someone with me!

Ratchet: Prepare to die!

(at the chop shop)

Ratchet: Any last words?

Radar Overseer Scotty: I don't want to die!

Ratchet: Too bad!

(Radar Overseer Scotty is melted in the chop shop, his remains are being turned into next upgrades)

Ratchet: Hooray! We melted Radar Overseer Scotty!

Ellen: Because we did it together!

(at Ellen's house)

Ratchet: Oh no! Is that your father?

Ellen: Afraid so.

Diesel: Phineas T. Ratchet, how dare you unground Ellen?! That's it! Get back to the Chop Shop on the double!

Ratchet (running back): What will Mom say?

Diesel: And as for you Ellen, you're grounded grounded grounded for 10 days!

Ellen: Dad, Gwyneth was trying to marry my boyfriend Ricardo so please unground me so we can finish our relationship!

Diesel: Too bad! Get in the house right now!

Ellen: (running upstairs, crying in old Princess' voice)

(at the chop shop)

Madame Gasket: Ratchet, how dare you unground Ellen?! Even worse you had her melt Radar Overseer Scotty with you! You know you should not be doing that!

Ratchet: But Mom, Ellen is not a troublemaker so that's why I ungrounded her and teamed up with her to melt Radar Overseer Scotty. Also, Gwyneth should realize that Ricardo already has a girlfriend.

Madame Gasket: It doesn't matter! You still have no right to unground Ellen or melt any Speakonia character into upgrades! Instead of grounding you, you will be sent to your father!

Ratchet: No no no no no no no no no no no! Not my father!

Madame Gasket: Too bad!

(Ratchet is flown and his upgrades are flown off)

Ratchet (in his sound clip): AH! MY UPGRADES!

Madame Gasket: Now that takes care of business!

(cuts to Ratchet and his father)

Mr. Gasket: It's okay, son. You can shine no matter what you're made of.


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