Here are the voices for the Recess characters!


Eric as TJ Detweiler

Princess as Becky Detweiler (TJ's sister)

Allison as Ellie Detweiler (TJ's mum)

Steven as Samuel "Sam" Detweiler (TJ's dad)

Paul as Vince LaSSalle

Wiseguy as Elijah LaSalle (Vince's dad)

Kimberly as Rachel LaSalle (Vince's mum)

Steven as Chad LaSalle (Vince's brother)

Julie as Ashley Spinelli and Miss Grotke

Simon as Robert "Bob" Spinelli (Spinelli's dad)

Bridget as Florence "Flo" Spinelli (Spinelli's mum)

Joey as Joseph "Joey" Spinelli (Spinelli's brother)

Steven as Vito Spinelli (Spinelli's brother)

Amy as Gretchen Grundler

Joey as Phil Grundler (Grundler's dad)

Kate as Doris Grundler (Grundler's mum)

Joey as Mikey Blumberg

Steven as Jackson Blumberg (Mikey's dad)

Catherine as Sage Blumberg (Mikey's mum)

David as Gus Griswald

Dallas (or Wiseguy) as Grayson Griswald / Lieutenant Griswald (Gus's dad)

Allison as Madge Griswald (Gus's mum)

Wiseguy as Miss Finster

Joey as Gelman

Eric as Lawson

Eric as Mundy

Brian as Skeens

Wiseguy as Principal Prickly

Simon as Gelman's father

Belle as Gelman's mother

Wiseguy as Lawson's father

Kimberly as Lawson's mother

Alan as Mundy's father

Kate as Mundy's mother

Simon as Skeens' father

Kendra as Skeens' mother

Emma as Ashley Armbruster

Amy as Ashley Boulet

Allison as Ashley Quinlan

Salli as Ashley Tomassian

Kate as Mrs Armbruster

Veena as Mrs Boulet

Kimberley as Mrs Quinlan

Kendra as Mrs Tomassian

Eric as Randall Weems

Paul as Menlo

Eric as King Bob

Joey as Jordan

Steven as Jerome

Steven as Clyde Phillmore

Steven as Buster

Paul as Jocko

Joey as Koreo

Joey as Chucko Kowalski

Dave as Cheay

Duncan as Lazy Kid

Kimberly as Kurst the Worst

Kendra as Sue Bob Murphy

Princess as Swinger Girl

Kate as Miss Lemon

Kayla as Cornchip Girl

Joey and Steven as the Diggers (Dave and Sam)

Eric as Phil

Brian as Scribe Kid

Kendra as Butch

Joey as Guru Kid

Paul as Leonard Weems (Randall's dad)

Kate as Mrs Weems (Randall's mum)

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