At the Third Street Playground, Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid were bored.

Skeens: Man, what a boring recess.

Lazy Kid: You're telling me.

Mundy: There's gonna be something fun we can do. 

Skeens: Hey, I've got an idea!

Mundy: What's that?

Skeens: One word... lunch missile! 

Mundy: Yeah!

Then Mundy and Skeens ran to the dumpster. 

Lazy Kid: Let's go.

Lazy Kid walked over to the dumpster, and Mundy and Skeens were digging in the dumpster, and he grabbed some chocolate gooey trash with a broom. 

Skeens: Got one! 

Mundy and Skeens came off the dumpster, and Skeens had got some chocolate gooey trash on the back of the broom. 

Skeens: It is a right point too. 

Skeens was ready to fire some chocolate gooey trash with a broom.

Skeens: Ready!

Mundy: Aim!

Lazy Kid: Fire! 

Skeens fired some chocolate gooey trash high up in the air. Gus was entertaining his friends and the other children were watching Gus who was playing his guitar, and Gus had got a dancing bug called Frederick. Suddenly, the chocolate gooey trash landed on Gus. SPLAT! The children ran off, screaming. Gus was covered in chocolate gooey trash. 

Gus: Is it bad?

Vince: It looks bad, but it smells worse. 

Gretchen: Eh, listen, you're mistaken. Someone didn't drink all of the milk last Thursday. 

Gus sniffed. 

Gus: You're not mistaken. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go hose off. 

Gus walked off. Mundy and Skeens were laughing.

Mundy and Skeens: Hahahahahahahaha! 

Skeens: Man, what a jump!

Mundy: A chocolate-covered jump! 

Skeens: Hey, speaking of chocolate, what do you say we head over to Kelso's after school?

Mundy: (annoyed) Are you crazy? We ain't allowed to set foot in that joint! Ol' Man Kelso said so himself! 

Skeens: Well, maybe we can't go in there.

Then Skeens pointed to Gus who was washing himself off with a hose.

Skeens: But he can.

Mundy and Skeens walked over to Gus.  

Lazy Kid: Well, what are we waiting for? 

Lazy Kid walked off to catch up with his friends. 

Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid ran up to Gus, who finished washing his glasses.

Skeens: Hey man! Are you okay?

Gus put his glasses back on. 

Mundy: We saw it all. Those punks had you run. 

Gus: Oh, it's not so bad. Nothing that won't come off with a wire brush and some kerosene. 

Mundy and Skeens looked crafty.

Skeens: Gee Mundy, I sure wish there was something we could do to cheer that poor kid up. 

Mundy: Me too, Skeens. Me too. 

Skeens: Well, we could take him to the... you know what? 

Mundy: *gasps* You don't mean the secret creek?

Gus had heard what Mundy said, and he walked over to Mundy and Skeens.

Skeens: (angry) Mundy, you bigmouth! The secret creek's supposed to be a secret! 

Gus: Excuse me, but, did I hear someone say something about a secret creek. 

Skeens: See what you did, Mundy. Yeah, we got ourselves a secret creek. 

Mundy: But not just any secret creek. 

Skeens: This place is special, just the sort of place where guys like us can kick back and hang. You know, in secret. 

Gus: A secret creek. 

Gus imagined about the secret creek, Mundy was in a tree cabin, Skeens was on a rope swing, Lazy Kid was playing banjo on the raft, and Gus was fishing. Gus was feeling impressed.

Gus: It's every kid's dream! 

Skeens: Yep, and we want you to go there with us. 

Gus was excited. Oh boy! Wait till I tell my friends! 

Gus was about to tell his friends, and then Skeens yanked him. Skeens was stern. 

Skeens: Woah, woah, woah, you can't tell nobody. 

Mundy: Yeah, too many kids trample around might destroy the delicate creek Ol System.

Gus: Oh, I hadn't thought of that. 

Skeens: So tell you what, meet us at Kelso's at 3 o clock, and we'll take out there, okay? 

Gus: You got it!

Then Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid walked off.

Gus was feeling excited. 

Gus: Wow, a secret creek! I can hardly wait!  3 o clock had arrived, school was finished. The students came out of school, and TJ, Vince, Spinelli, Gretchen and Mikey came up to Gus.

TJ: Hey Gus! Did you hear? Kenny Belcher who eats the grasshopper! Why?

Vince: Yeah, we're going over to his house now! Are you coming?

Gus: Gee, that sounds like fun. But I kind of already make plans. 

Spinelli: Well, break them! This ain't a lousy cheese box Belcher's eaten a thing could jump right up his nose!

Gus: Sorry guys, but I got people to go and places to see. Bye!

Gus walked off.

Gretchen: That was odd. 

Mikey: Yeah, what could be better than a kid eating a grasshopper? 

TJ: Nothing, let's motor!

Later, Gus met Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid at Kelso's.

Gus: Hey guys!

Skeens: Hiya, Gus old pal! 

Mundy: How's it going, Amigo? 

Gus: Great, are we going to the creek now? 

Skeens: Of course, buddy! But first we gotta some get some supplies.

Gus: Supplies? What do you want?

Mundy: Look, it's simple. All you got to do is go inside and get some Beanie McGum.

Skeens: It's new!

Gus: I didn't bring any money. 

Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid: Hahahahahahahaha! 

Skeens: Money? You don't need no money! 

Mundy: Yeah, all you need are pockets! 

Gus: I don't get it. 

Skeens: What's to get? Just walk into the store, put some gum in your pocket and walk out. 

Gus: But, isn't that stealing? 

Skeens: We prefer to think of it as borrowing? 

Mundy walked over to the door.

Mundy: Yeah, only you don't have to give it back. 

Mundy opened the door. 

Gus: But, but...

Skeens: (angrily) Just go get us some gum, kid.  

Skeens pushed Gus inside Kelso's. 

Gus: Wah! 

Mundy closed the door, and Gus was looking curious.

Gus: *gasps* 

Gus looked around the store, and he spotted some Beanie McGum at the till. Gus was looking worried. Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid were pointing their fingers that would lead Gus to the till. 

Gus: Um. 

Gus walked over to the till. He looked around.

Gus: *exhales*

Gus picked up some Beanie McGum from the Beani McGum barrel and put them in the backpack. Then he closed the backpack. 

Gus: Whew!

Gus was about to leave the store, and then the hand grabbed onto Gus' shoulder. The hand belonged to Aaron Kelso. 

Mr Kelso's voice: Gus! 

Gus: Huh? 

Mr Kelso: How are you doing, son? 

Gus: Um, really good, Mr Kelso? 

Mr Kelso: I haven't seen you around here lately betting getting a lot of homework or something? 

Gus: Oh yeah, tons. Well, nice talking to you, Mr Kelso. See you later!

Gus walked over to the door and was about to leave.

Mr Kelso: Just a minute, Gus. You can't leave yet. You gotta try some Beanie McGum. (pointing at Beanie McGum) It's new! 

Then Mr Kelso put his hand in the barrel and there were no Beanie McGum left.

Mr Kelso: Huh? We're all out. 

Gus: Oh that's okay, Mr Kelso. Maybe another time, huh?

Mr Kelso: Now just hold on. I know I got some more somewhere. 

Then Mr Kelso got something from the barrel. 

Mr Kelso: Ah, here it is! 

Then Mr Kelso showed Gus the Beanie McGum sweet. 

Mr Kelso: Go on, take it!

Gus took the sweet from Mr Kelso's hand.

Gus: Thanks, Mr Kelso. 

Mr Kelso rubbed Gus' head.

Mr Kelso: Good kid like you Gus is more than welcome. 

Gus: Hmm, yeah. 

Gus left the store.

Mr Kelso: Yep, good kid. 

Later, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid and Gus reached the waterway of the dirty industrial water dump. Gus was curious.

Gus: This is your secret creek?  

Mundy: Yep, just as advertised. 

Then Mundy heard the frog's croaking. 

Mundy: Hey, a froggy! Just what I was wanting! 

Mundy jumped over to the edge of the river to catch the frog. But the frog hopped into the water. 

Mundy: Oh, he went in the water.

Skeens was tossing some trash in the water with a branch.

Skeens: Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, ninety-ten, ninety-eleven...

Lazy Kid was laying on a plank sitting on a tree. 

Lazy Kid: This place is fun. 

Gus picked up one of the Beanie McGum sweets. Skeens called out to Gus from the river. 

Skeens: Hey Griswald! You're gonna eat that gum? 

Gus: No, I guess I'm very hungry. 

Skeens: Well, pass the goods, man!

Then Gus gave the backpack of Beanie McGum to Skeens. Mundy was indignant. 

Mundy: Hey! Give me some of that! 

Mundy rushed over to Skeens. 

Lazy Kid: Me too. 

Lazy Kid climbed down the tree to rush over to Skeens. 

Skeens: Get your own! 

Mundy jumped over to Skeens, and got into a fight with him. Then Lazy Kid came and got into a fight with Mundy and Skeens. Three boys were fighting over the backpack of Beanie McGum. 

Gus: Well, thanks for inviting me, guys. Guess I better go now. See you later. 

Then Gus walked away, and he left the secret creek. Three naughty boys kept on fighting over the backpack of Beanie McGum. Gus was walking on the way home, and he was worried. 

Gus: I'm a thief, nothing but a two-bit low life thief. 

Then Gus heard the siren noise, and he believed that the sound of the police car was coming and he was worried that the police would come for Gus.

Gus: They're coming for me! 

Then Gus jumped and hid into the bush. There was no police car coming for Gus. It was only the ambulance driving past that Gus saw. Gus was worried about what he had done and he had been double-crossed by Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid. 

Gus: What have I done? 

Gus covered his glasses with his hands, worrying. 

Meanwhile, back in the creek, Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid kept on fighting over the backpack of Beanie McGum, and then they gave up. 

Mundy: Okay, that's it! I give up! 

Skeens: So do I!

Lazy Kid: And so do I!

Mundy: There's no fighting over Beanie McGum. I know, guys! Let's share some Beanie McGum and eat them all up!

Skeens: That's a good idea! 

Lazy Kid: Yeah! 

So the three naughty boys began to share some Beanie McGum and ate them all up. Soon, there was no Beanie McGum left. 

Mundy: That was the best gum ever!

Skeens: Yeah, it's tasty!

Lazy Kid: I agree. It's tasty. 

One night, Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid were preparing dinner. 

Mundy: Okay, guys! Let's have some dinner! We're having hotdogs!

Skeens: Oh yeah! Hotdogs! That's my favourite!

Lazy Kid: Mine too. 

So Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid ate some hotdogs all up. 

Mundy: What a great dinner! 

Skeens: I know! Let's go get some sleep! Right, Clark?

Lazy Kid: Yeah. 

So Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid equipped some sleeping bags and they went to sleep together. The next morning, Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid woke up. 

Mundy: Okay, guys! Let's get some breakfast! We got bacon strips!

Skeens: Yeah, let's eat!

Lazy Kid: I'm hungry. 

So Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid ate some bacon strips all up.

Mundy: That's the best breakfast ever!

Skeens: I agree! 

Lazy Kid: Me too. 

Mundy: Come on, guys! Let's play around the creek together!

Four hours laters.

Mundy: Wow! That was fun! 

Skeens: It's certainly is!

Lazy Kid: I agree!

Just then the police came, two police officers came with Officer McMeowMeow. 

Police Officer 1: Freeze, you three! You are under arrest for tricking Gus Griswald into shoplifting candy from Kelso's and going to the forbidden creek! You know this creek is very dangerous!

Police Officer 2: You guys know you're not allowed to go into that creek! And by the way, say hi to Officer McMeowMeow. 

Mundy: Officer McMeowMeow? 

Then Officer McMeowMeow came up to Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid.

Officer McMeowMeow: Hello, kids! I'm Officer McMeowMeow, the crime-stopping cat! I find crime purrfecting awful! 

Mundy: Hey, McMeowMeow! Our crime is awful! 

Skeens: Yeah, we stole Beanie McGum from Kelso's, but we didn't get in there because Mr Kelso banned us from there. But instead, we tricked Gus into stealing Beanie McGum from there. Then we went off to the secret creek. It was fun, and we ate some Beanie McGum all up in here!

Officer McMeowMeow: And by the way! Where did you get the backpack come from? 

Mundy: I think it's Gus' backpack. 

Officer McMeowMeow: Well, I'm getting my friends to bring it back to Gus where it belongs! 

Mundy: Hey, what kind of business do you have acting like Hong Kong Phooey? 

Officer McMeowMeow: Because you stole Beanie McGum from Kelso's and entered the forbidden creek. Mundy, Skeens and Clark, that' is very naughty of you all! You know you're not allowed to go into that creek ever. It's dangerous! You're coming with us! We're taking you downtown and you're going to the big house!

Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid: The big house!

Officer McMeowMeow: Yes, the big house!


Police Officer 2: Put your hands behind your backs!

The second police officer stepped behind Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid and he put handcuffs on their backs. 

Police Officer 1: Now the three of you get into the police car now!

Police Officer 2: You're going to jail for a week! (to Officer McMeowMeow) Nice work, Officer McMeowMeow! 

Officer McMeowMeow: With pleasure! 

Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid went into the police car, and then Officer McMeowMeow and the police officers took them to the police station. Then they reached the police station, and they dragged Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid into the police station. Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid were charged for stealing Beanie McGum. They were both guilty for their bad actions. Then they were placed in the jail cell. Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid felt bad. Then their parents came for a visit and they were extremely angry with their sons.

Mundy's dad: Conrad!

Skeens' dad: Greg! 

Lazy Kid's dad: Richard!

Mundy's mum: We all cannot believe you tricked Gus into stealing Beanie McGum from Kelso's, went to the forbidden creak, ate all the Beanie McGum up, and you got arrested and sent to jail! 

Skeens' mum: Poor Gus was worried yesterday that the police will arrest him. We've got a phone call from Gus' parents and told us everything what you have done. 

Lazy Kid's mum: Gus has forgotten to bring some money to buy Beanie McGum, thanks to you! Now he's going to bring some money to Mr Kelso of what he's forgotten to do! 

Lazy Kid's dad: You boys know that you are banned from Kelso's unless you stop stealing and shoplifting! You know stealing and shoplifting are against the law!  

Skeens' dad: That's it, all of you are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for a week until we take you home!

Mundy: But we are sorry!

Skeens: Yeah! We are really sorry!

Lazy Kid: I agree. We are all sorry.   

Mundy's dad: Your apologies will not work. 

Mundy's mum: When you both get out of jail. 

Lazy Kid's dad: You will have punishments.

Skeens' dad: We are leaving right now!

Lazy Kid's mum: We will see whenever we see you! 

Skeens' mum: Goodbye!

Mundy's parents, Skeens' parents and Lazy Kid's parents walked away in a huff. Mundy, Skeens and Lazy Kid felt dismayed.

Mundy: Well! It looks like we are stuck in jail for a week! Nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono!

Skeens: I know Mundy! Can our lives get any worse than this?! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 

Lazy Kid: Oh, this is so sad. So sad. This whomps. 


Eric as Mundy and TJ Detweiler

Brian as Skeens 

Duncan as Lazy Kid 

Paul as Vince LaSSao

Julie as Spinelli

Amy as Gretchen Grundler 

Joey as Mikey Blumberg

Evil Genius/David/Zack as Gus Griswald 

Mr Dallas as Mr Kelso, Police Officer 2 and Officer McMeowMeow

Wiseguy as Police Officer 1 

Alan as Mr Mundy (Mundy's dad)

Kate as Mrs Mundy (Mundy's mum)

Simon as Mr Skeens (Skeens' dad)

Kendra as Mrs Skeens (Skeens' mum)

Dave as Lazy Kid's dad

Salli as Lazy Kid's mum


This episode is based on the Recess episode Gus and Misdemeanors

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