Rigalli is a clone of Spinelli. Rigalli is Caucasian, has short blonde hair down, and a beret as opposed to Spinelli's beanie. She wears small boots rather than the big ones like Spinelli.

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Voice: Kate

Mother: Kimberly Rigalli

Father: John Rigalli

Friends: C.J. Rotweiler, Vance, Greta Grobler, Mickey, Rus Rumple, The Megans (sometimes), Mr. Boyd, Ms. Ropey, Paul Prickly, Queen Barb, Gordan and Gerard, Sesame Boy

Enemies: Rachel Jeans, Eric Dawson, Dale Shulman, Craig Jones and Penrod Bendy

Likes: Being tough, pranks, fun, wrestling, her friends (mainly C.J.), "newies" (anything new)

Dislikes: Being in trouble, being outsmarted, Rachel Jeans, the Megans, being called a "girl", having to participate in "girly" activities, her first name, troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Dawson), being framed by troublemakers, and being called by her first name in Third Street School by troublemakers (mainly Dawson) apart from her family

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