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P-head-Evil Genus





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Rosie and Lily do a good job.

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Rosie: Hi, I'm Rosie.

Lily: And I'm Lily. We're going to change into our swimsuits.

(Censored; Rosie is in her yellow bikini and Lily is in her pink bikini)

Lily: Oh no! It's P-head!

P-head: Rosie And Lily Anderson! How Dare You Girls Change Into Your Swimsuits!? That's It! I'm Telling!

(P-Head realizes something strange)

P-head: This is the the fifth time we meet, right Fluttershy106?

Me: Yes, and give me a reason why you brought Rosie and Lily here.

P-head: Here's why! They changed into their swimsuits and it was totally inappropriate!

Me: P-head, you are getting a suspension level 16 for getting Rosie and Lily in trouble! The reason why they changed into their swimsuits is because they're getting ready for swim class! Get out of here or else I'll give you Suspension Level 17!

(P-head runs outside crying)

Me: As for you Rosie and Lily, you get to have the rest of the year off. Go home now.

(at home)

Boris: Rosie and Lily, thank you for changing into your swimsuits and for having the rest of the year off.

Doris: You both are ungrounded.

Caillou: We'll have a pool party later.

Rosie: Thank you Mom, Dad and Caillou. You're the best ever.

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