Rosie and Sapphire-Shy Girl

Sama Lass and Lily-Ivy

Sama Lass' mom-Grace

Doris and Agnes-Julie

Caillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack





Rosie's angry voice-Catherine



This is when the truth comes out.


Me: Did you ever wonder what causes me to make grounded videos out of Rosie? The answer is simple. Sama Lass is behind all of this. That's why Recess bullies support her Caillou Gets Grounded videos and whenever a bully ungrounds Rosie, he or she gets caught by Doris and Rosie is regrounded. Anyways, on with the video.

Rosie (Catherine's voice): Why do I always get grounded a lot?! Why does this keep happen to me?! Wait just a minute! Sama Lass is the one responsible for all of this! Every time she makes a grounded video out of my brother Caillou, some Recess bullies including Gelman, Conrad Mundy, Greg Skeens, Erwin Lawson and much more are on her side! They unground me every time Caillou gets grounded but Mom always regrounds me because she doesn't trust these bullies! One video made by Sama Lass is my brother getting grounded for being on time for school! I mean, Caillou should be rewarded for being on time! Another video was when I got rewarded but Caillou got grounded for behaving at McDonald's! Do you ever get rewarded for throwing a tantrum in public?! No! In addition, she got our voices wrong! Caillou's voice is David, Evil Genius or Zack, not Ivy, even though he's sometimes voiced by Justin! Second of all, my voice is Shy Girl, not Ivy! Moreover, she has created another sibling called Gayloo! There is no such thing as Gayloo! That's it! I'm going to get Sama Lass terminated to see how she feels!

(15 minutes later)

Rosie (Shy Girl's voice): Now to see how she feels.

(at Sama Lass' house)

Sama Lass: Now to make more videos out of Caillou. Hey?! What's this?!

Computer: Your account has been terminated.

Sama Lass: No no no no no no no no no no! My account has been terminated! Mom, come over here right now!

Sama Lass' mom: What's wrong Sama Lass? Why are you crying?

Sama Lass: Rosie Anderson just terminated my account!

Sama Lass' mom: Good! You deserve it for making grounded videos out of her brother Caillou! Now Fluttershy106 is making Recess bullies be on you and Rosie's side causing him to make grounded videos out of Rosie! You are grounded grounded grounded for 12 days! Go to your room now!

(at the Anderson residence)

Doris: Rosie, thank you for terminating Sama Lass. You are now ungrounded forever. 

Caillou: You can do whatever you want.

Cody: I agree with Caillou.

Daisy: Me too.

Hannah: Me 3.

Sapphire: Me 4.

Agnes: Me 5.

Amanda: Me 6.

Lily: And me 7.

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