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Rosie-Shy Girl


Mundy's Dad (Mr. Mundy)-Alan



Rosie gets ungrounded.


Rosie: Man, I feel bad. I got grounded after being ungrounded by Gelman, one of the Third Street School bullies Dad hates the most. Even worse, he burnt my one-piece swimsuits as punishment. I want to go swimming with Lily. What should I do?

(Rosie thinks about it and a light bulb appears)

Rosie: I'll do something Dad likes. First, I'm going to change into my bikini I wore for Daisy's birthday party.

(censored, Rosie is in her bikini)

Rosie: Now to do something he likes.

(meanwhile, Mundy was doing a plan)

Mundy: I can't believe my friend Dimentio was grounded by Dave who was later ungrounded by his grandfather and uncle. I'm going to unground him.

(Mundy walks out only to be caught by Rosie)

Rosie: Conrad, how dare you become a disgrace to Miss Finster, Principal Prickly, the substitute principal and the Third Street School?! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 10 days! Go back to your room right now!

(Mundy runs in angry)

Rosie: That will show him!

Mundy: Dad, Rosie Anderson, that Ginger Brat wearing the yellow bikini just grounded me!

Mr. Mundy: Good!

Mundy: What do you mean good?

Mr. Mundy: You deserve it for being a disgrace to the Third Street School! 

Mundy: Dad, she also called me by my given name! Also, she deserves to be grounded after Caillou left her at Peter Piper's Pizza!

Mr. Mundy: Serves you right! Also, she has the right to ground you for being a bully to your rivals including TJ, Randall Weems, and many more, and plus everyone likes her voice actor, Jessie Vinet, who also plays Sheegwa Miao! Go to your room now!

Mundy (running back in): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rosie (mocking cry): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh shut up Conrad! You deserve it for bullying other people!

Mr. Mundy: Rosie Anderson, thank you for grounding my son. Go home while I tell your sister about this.

Rosie: Thank you.

(at home and Lily is wearing a pink bikini)

Lily: Rosie, thank you for grounding Mundy. You know Dad, Mom, Caillou, Daisy, Emily, Hannah, Sapphire, Agnes and Amanda hate him from Recess. You are ungrounded forever. Right when the sun sets, we're going to have something special for your reward.

Rosie: Is it pizza from Peter Piper's Pizza and a pool party?

Lily: Wait and see.