These are the official guidelines of the wiki created by the administration team. Every user must follow these rules no matter their rank, and the only person who can change these rules is the founder. Administrators may ask for permission to edit the rules by the founder if there is a good reason. Block times are not set default in these rules, as administrators choose the block time depending on how the rule breaker broke said rules. Administrators may block anyone at any given time, no matter if they did something here or on another wiki. Background checks are often established in the case of a major incident, and before an administrator gets rights (or not).

General RulesEdit

  1. Harassment, Insulting, and attacking another user is not allowed. Hate speech is not allowed either.
    • This means no making pages to attack another users. (This includes Users outside of Wikia.) No targeting other users negatively either.
    • Neither you can "expose" another user in an attempt to hurt their reputation.
    • If you attack someone for breaking the rules, both you and the rulebreaker will be punished. (In other words, you do not get a free pass to be disrespectful to another user if they broke rules, because the rules apply to everyone no matter what.)
  2. Uncensored Swearing is not allowed.
  3. No sockpuppets and/or users with unacceptable usernames and/or profile pictures.
  4. No Spamming.
  5. No Discrimination, please.
  6. Posting any Pornography images on this wiki will get YOU banned for 1 month, with another month at repeated offenses, with a permaban at 10th offense, regardless of the active warnings the user has.
  7. No Wiki Versus Wiki, so please avoiding fighting with other wikis.
  8. OC stealing will not be tolerated.
  9. Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism and Racism will not be tolerated.
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