Rus is a clone of Gus. He is African-American and has longer black hair in a hairstyle similar to Vince. He has virtually the same glasses, however. In "Gus and Misdemeanors", Gus said that he had a friend named Rus.

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Voice: Young Guy

Father: Logan Rimple

Mother: Ava Rimple

Friends: CJ Rotweiler, Vance, Rigalli, Greta Grobler, Mickey, Sesame Boy, Miss Ropey, Mr. Boris Boyd, Paul Prickly, Queen Barb, Gordon and Gerard

Enemies: Eric Dawson, Craig Jones, Penrod Bendy and Dale Shulman

Likes: Senor Fusion, recess, Old Rusty, being a soldier, military miniatures, chipped beef and crackers and other related stuff

Dislikes: Being bullied by troublemakers especially Shulman, troublemakers causing trouble (mainly Dawson) and being framed by troublemakers

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