At the graveyard, TJ Detweiler's dad Sam Detweiler walked over to the Rainbow Rangers' graves.

Sam: I'm going to revive the Rainbow Rangers because Rachel killed them. Poor TJ's crying about them. They were his favourite characters. Also, Rachel killed Floof. And I'm going to revive him and the Rainbow Rangers right now.

Sam began to revive the Rainbow Rangers and Floof, and then he succeeded. The Rainbow Rangers were very happy, and so was Floof. 

Rosie: Yay! We're back in the real world!

Floof: Floof floof!

Mandarin: You're our hero!

Anna: Thanks for reviving us!

Pepper: You're the best!

Sam: You're welcome!

Indigo: Your son will be proud of you!

Allison: And so will your wife!

Lavender: We believe in you! Everyone adores us!

Suddenly, Lawson and Rachel came. They were extremely angry.

Lawson: What the heck, Mr Detweiler! How dare you revive the Rainbow Rangers!

Rachel: You know we hate them so much! We'll kill you for this!

Lawson: And after we're done with you, we'll kill the Rainbow Rangers again!

Sam was extremely angry.

Sam: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Lawson and Rachel, how dare you threaten to kill me and threaten to kill the Rainbow Rangers again?! You two are so mean! That's it, go home right now!

Lawson and Rachel went home, crying with dismay.


Back home, TJ and his mum Ellie were very proud of Sam.

TJ: Way to go, dad! Thank you for reviving the Rainbow Rangers! You're their hero!

Ellie: We're so proud of you. 

TJ: The Rainbow Rangers are our favourite characters! We adore them! 

Ellie: Sam, you're ungrounded. You can do whatever you want.

Sam: Thanks, dear.


Steven as Sam Detweiler (TJ's dad)

Salli as Rosie Redd

Shy Girl as Floof

Amy as Mandarin Orange

Emma as Anna Banana

Kate as Pepper Mintz

Julie as Indigo Allfruit and Rachel Hart

Allison as Bonnie Blueberry and Ellie Detweiler (TJ's mum)

Susan as Lavender LaViolette

Eric as Lawson and TJ Detweiler

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