Sana: I'm bored. What should I do? I know! I should check on Hulu for something to watch.

*goes on Hulu*

Sana: Oh look. Parasite. That movie won Best Picture this year. Let's watch it. *clicks on the movie*

Sana: Oh, it's R-rated. I don't mind. After all, I'm 23. I'm not a child anymore. *plays the movie*

*The movie starts*

2 hours and 12 minutes later...

Sana: That was a great movie.

Nayeon: Hey Sana. I'm home.

Sana: Nayeon, I just watched Parasite!!! It was awesome!!!

Nayeon: Oh my god, Sana. I'm so glad you watched Parasite, A.K.A., the best movie ever. You are ungrounded.

Sana: Wait, why the fuck am I grounded?

Nayeon: Oh. It's because in literally all these videos, the person being ungrounded is already grounded.

Sana: Oh, right.

Nayeon: Anyway, I got to see Parasite now! I'll get the other TWICE members!

Sana: Yay!

The end.

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