Sarah West-Karen

Ruth West-Kate

David West-Steven


This is the aftermath.


Sarah West: Mom and Dad?

Ruth West: What is it Sarah?

Sarah West: Can I go to Burger King?

David West: No!

Sarah West: Why not?

David West: Sorry I lost my temper. It was just a warning because Christo was the one who got us banned from coming to Burger King in Bridgewater.

Sarah West: That's one thing but I have something else to tell you.

Ruth West: What is it?

Sarah West: First of all, YankieDude5000 is fired from being the principal of the Third Street School and second of all, WRJ WRJ and Mrs. C got sent to the Mental People's Homes.

David West: How?

Sarah West: WRJ WRJ tried to attack Sue Bob Murphy after she ding dong ditched his house and Mrs. C tried to attack Darnell after he called her the N-Word. I don't want to be sent to the Mental People's Homes with them. 

Ruth West: It's okay Sarah. Don't cry.

Sarah West: Oh no. I think I'm going to...

(Sarah West can't take it anymore)

Sarah West (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ruth West: Sarah, come back, it's okay! We are going to help your friends out!

David West: It looks like she needs some time to calm down in her room.

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