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This is the sequel to Gelman, Mundy, and Skeens unground Shakira and Lawson throws Fred Baconmaker up to the sun.


Shakira: Man, I can't believe I got grounded all because I framed Lexi! Gelman, Mundy and Skeens tried to unground me but my father doesn't trust any of them! I'm going to apologise to Lexi right now!

(at Lexi's house, Lexi is wearing her bikini about to kill herself)

Lexi: Shakira, how could you?!

Shakira's voice: Mrs. Rosewood, can I talk to your daughter?

Millie's voice: Okay. She's about to make a mistake she can't take back.

Lexi: Goodbye world!

Shakira: Put the knife down!

Lexi: Why should I put the knife down?

Shakira: It's not my fault that I did all of this to you!

Lexi: Whose fault is it?

Shakira: It's Derek's fault! He became my boyfriend just to do harm to Zack Dawson!

Lexi: You mean Derek was behind all of this?

Shakira: Yes. I'm sorry I littered the orange and got you arrested.

Lexi: Apology accepted.

Shakira: Why are you wearing your bikini?

Lexi: Before you apologised, I tore off my clothes because I couldn't stand you anymore. Also, it's because Lawson threw my boyfriend up to the sun.

Shakira: Let's revive him.

(at the graveyard)

Lexi: That's our only chance.

(Fred appears)

Fred: Where am I? 

Shakira: We revived you. 

Fred: Hey! Weren't you the one who got my girlfriend arrested?!

Shakira: I was but then I apolgised to her. The whole cause was Derek. He's even worse than Lawson, Gelman, Skeens and the other bullies in the Third Street School.

Fred: You mean, Derek was the one who caused you to be a troublemaker?

Shakira: Yes! He was the cause!

(Derek comes in)

Derek: Hi Shakira, do you want to team up and make fun of Zack?

Shakira: Silence before I break your jaw!

Derek: What?! Why are you threatening me like that?! I'm your boyfriend!

Shakira: Not anymore! You were the cause of the whole thing! How could I have dated you for your ignorance?!

Derek: Please! No! I don't want a divorce! Please!

Shakira: Too bad! We're having a divorce and that's final! Go find another girlfriend, you obnoxious weirdo! You're not my boyfriend anymore! Now leave me alone!

Derek (running away): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(As Derek is crying, he sees Gelman and Lawson)

Gelman: What's wrong Derek? Why are you crying?

Derek: Shakira broke up with me and threatened to break my jaw.

Lawson: This whomps! She was on our side and now she betrayed us! Tygo was also on our side and he betrayed us as well! My parents send me to a European country when I do bad things!

Derek: Why do your parents do that to you?

Lawson: Because Toontown is not their style. They do it to my other friends as well.

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