Mrs. Skeens-Kendra

Alyssa Skeens-Shy Girl


Police Officer and Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy

Mrs. Lawson-Kimberly


Sharon Lawson does a good job.


Sharon: Man, I hate Erwin! He called me stupid when I got back from college! I know what to do! I will get him arrested! I will take him to the zoo!

(Lawson walks downstairs)

Sharon: Erwin, since you have been a good boy, I will take you to the zoo.

(at the zoo)

Lawson: Excuse me Sharon?

Sharon: What is it?

Lawson: Can I use the bathroom?

Sharon: Okay.

(Lawson leaves)

Sharon: Now to push Alyssa Skeens in the crocodile pit and run away to think Erwin did it.

Mrs. Skeens: Now Greg and Alyssa, it's time to have fun.

Skeens: Okay.

(Sharon sneaks towards Alyssa Skeens)

Sharon: Now to push Alyssa Skeens in the crocodile pit.

Skeens: Good thing. If you do that to my baby sister, I will give you $500.

Sharon: Okay. Time to push Alyssa into the crocodile pit! Lunchtime, crocs!

Bowser pushed Alyssa towards the crocodile pit.

Alyssa: Hey!

Alyssa fell screaming into the crocodile pit. 


Alyssa landed into the water filled with ferocious crocodiles. The crocodiles snapped their jaws and started mauling Alyssa, and Alyssa started screaming as she was being eaten alive.


Sharon: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That's what she gets for being a crybaby to Greg! Now to scamper before I get caught!

(Lawson walks back)

Lawson: Hey, who pushed that baby in the crocodile pit?!

Police Officer: Hold it right there! You are under arrest for pushing a baby in the crocodile pit!

Lawson: But I didn't do it!

Police Officer: Two words! Save it! You are going to jail!

(in the jail cell)

Police Officer: This is your jail cell! You will watch Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, SpongeBob Squarepants, Hey Arnold and much more!

(back at the zoo)

Mrs. Skeens: This was my only chance to have more than one kid and now you blew it! Greg, what do you have to say?!

Skeens: I didn't want a baby sister anyway!

(at home)

Mr. Lawson: Sharon, what happened to your brother Erwin?

Sharon: I got him arrested by taking him to the zoo and pushing Alyssa Skeens in the crocodile pit so that the police can think he did it.

Mrs. Lawson: Sharon, I am so proud of you getting revenge on your troublesome brother Erwin. You are now ungrounded forever. 

Sharon: Thank you Mom and Dad. You're the best.

(back in jail)

Lawson: This is great. I can't believe I did something I didn't do, but could this be a dream? There's only one way to find out. WAKE UP!

(Lawson is back in his room)

Lawson (in bed): I was right once again. Getting falsely arrested by my older sister was just a nightmare, which was worse than the one about going to Sellbot Headquarters.

Mr. Lawson (off-screen): Erwin, I got a call from Paul Prickly, your principal's brother! He told me you painted his car green and purple! Why would you do that?!

Lawson: Oh dear! I must confess to my dad right now!

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