Plot[edit | edit source]

Sharon gets revenge on her brother.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Sharon: Kate

Lawson: Eric

Principal Prickly, Miss Finster and Fred Lawson: Wiseguy

Morris P. Hingle: Brian

Officer: Alan

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Sharon: I'm going to make a grounded video out of my brother Erwin.

(30 minutes later)

Sharon: Alright, we'll see what it looks like.

(video begins)

Finster: Ok, class, today we'll some math, Morris, what's 5 times 2?

Morris: 10.

Finster: Correct.

(Knarf passes a picture of Mrs. Puff saying Big Fat Meanie to Lawson)

Lawson: Big Fat Meanie, Tiny, you cannot do that, she's the teacher.

Finster: What about the teacher?

(Finster looks at the picture and is shocked and explodes into a fat figure)

Finster: As if I really look like this, Lawson, march to the principal's office now.

Lawson: Why?

Finster: Because the big fat meanie said so.

Prickly: Lawson, what brings you in my office?

Lawson: Because Tiny Sedgwick drew Big Fat Meanie and blamed on me.

Prickly: Lawson, we don't insult teachers with props from Spongebob, you receive suspension level 25, go home now.

Fred: Erwin, how dare you draw big fat meanie?! That's it, you're grounded for until your suspension level 25 is over, go to your room now.

Lawson: (Baby Kate's crying voice)

(video ends)

Lawson: Sharon, how dare you make a grounded video out of me?! I'm telling on you. Dad.

Fred: Yes, Erwin?

Lawson: Sharon made a grounded video out of me.

Fred: Good.

Lawson: What do you mean good?

Fred: Good, because good people make grounded videos out of troublemakers, especially you.

Lawson: But, she needs to know better than doing this to me.

Fred: And for trying to ground Sharon, you're grounded and as your punishment, I'm calling the cops to arrest you, hello, police, can you arrest Erwin? Because he tried to get Sharon in trouble, OK, bye.

Alan: You're under arrest for getting your sister in trouble, you'll be going to jail for a week, in the police car now.

(at the police station)

Alan: This is your cell, stay there for a week.

Lawson: Oh, man, this whomps, trying to get Sharon grounded and getting arrested, can my life get worse than my school days? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

(At Lawson Residence)

Fred: Sharon, you're ungrounded for making a grounded video out of your brother.

Sharon: Thanks, dad.

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