Police Officer-Wiseguy

Captain Brad's dad-Joey

Captain Brad's mom-Bridget


This takes place right after Skeens called Captain Brad the W word.


Me: Officer, I need to talk to you.

Police Officer: What is it Fluttershy106?

Me: It's something about Skeens.

Police Officer: What about Skeens?

Me: Skeens likes to cause trouble. Thanks to him, he got my favourite leader of the Safety Rangers sent to the Insane Hospital after calling him the W word.

Police Officer: But that offended him.

Me: Captain Brad could have told you his disability or stayed away from the club. Now he has put the Safety Rangers in some form of struggle. I shall dial his parents.

(at Captain Brad's house)

Captain Brad's dad: Someone's calling us.

Captain Brad's mom: This is Captan Brad's mom.

Me: It's Fluttershy106 speaking. Skeens has gone way too far. Thanks to him, your son has to stay in the insane hospital.

Captain Brad's mom: I understand Fluttershy106, but clearly he was the one who made everything escalate.

Me: The same thing happened when I dialed Kosta's parents.

Captain Brad's mom: Who is Kosta?

Me: He is my friend. I like his Ivy Smith gets Grounded videos and also his Rosie gets Grounded videos as well. The only good thing Rosie did was grounded Mundy. Skeens tried to get revenge on Rosie by pushing her off the rooftop, which was even worse than the insane hospital situation.

Captain Brad's mom: I see.

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