Google Italian-himself

Mr. Skeens-Simon

Mrs. Skeens-Kendra

Ashley Andrews-Susan

Brendan Barney-Paul



Skeens gets in big trouble.


Skeens: Man, I'm sick and tired of my dad grounding me! I got it! I will get my dad fired from GameStop!

At GameStop, Skeens takes a picture, much to the shock of Google Italian.

Google Italian: Ahia! I miei occhi! Qualcuno, aiuto!

Brendan Barney: Craig, how dare you blind Google Italian?!

Mr. Skeens: But Brendan Barney, I didn't do it!

Ashley Andrews: Stop lying! Now thanks to you, my friend Google Italian is now in pain! That's it! I'm going to beat you up!

Mr. Skeens: Ashley Andrews, there appears to be a misunderstanding!

(Censored as Ashley Andrews beats Craig Skeens up)

Ashley Andrews: Well, you got what was coming! That taught you a lesson!

Google Italian: Questo è tutto! Sto dicendo a te il tuo capo!

Love: You called? What did Craig Skeens do this time?

Google Italian: Ha fatto un selfie, il che mi ha fatto male agli occhi e ora sono cieco grazie a lui!

Love: Craig Skeens, I am very disappointed in you! Words cannot begin to describe I'm mad at you right now! I will not tolerate you ruining my business! 

Ashley Andrews: Before you fire Craig, he also took a picture of my friend Google Italian, which blinded him so that's why I beat him up and I'm sure his legs are broken!

Love: Not only you grounded your son Greg, but you also blinded one of my favourite Google friends! You know what?! You are offically banned from this GameStop for life! Now find some way to get up and get out of this place now!

At home, Mrs. Skeens was horrified.

Mrs. Skeens: What's wrong Craig?

Mr. Skeens: Isabella, I got beat up by Ashley Andrews because she thought I took a picture of her friend Google Italian, which blinded him. I know. My son must have done that. Greg, come here right now!

Skeens: What is it Dad?

Mr. Skeens: Were you the one who took a picture of Google Italian and got me beaten up?

Skeens: Yes, I was.

Mr. Skeens: Greg, how dare you take a picture of Google Italian, get me beaten up by Ashley Andrews and banned from GameStop?! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!


The audio featuring the Angry German Kid's dad beating up the Angry German Kid was used as an audio as Ashley Andrews beating up Craig Skeens after he was falsely accused of blinding Google Italian by taking a selfie.

Translations Edit

Ouch! My eyes! Someone, help me!

That's it! I'm telling your boss on you!

He took a selfie, which made my eyes hurt and now I'm blind thanks to him!

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