Mr. Skeens-Simon

Mrs. Skeens-Kendra



This is when Skeens has a conference meeting.


Skeens had met Fluttershy106 in the conference room, and Skeens' parents had come to see Fluttershy106. 

Fluttershy106: Now that we are all in this situation, we will talk about consequences now. Skeens, it was going to be smooth, just a little talk, and a warning, but you lied. So, you blew it. So here we go. Skeens, your consequences include a regular Wednesday and five day talk with the counselor, a refferal and a suspension for two weeks. Words can't describe how disappointed I am with you right now. You have completely lost my faith in you, probably your parents' faith as well. 

Skeens: I have the right to lose faith in my stupid mom and dad, Mr. Owl!

Fluttershy106: Excuse me?! What did you call me?!

Skeens: Nothing.

Fluttershy106: How dare you call me Mr. Owl and lie to me again?! This meeting was planned because of the first time you lied!

(Skeens stands on his chair)

Mr. Skeens: Greg, get down from your chair right now! I am not kidding!

Fluttershy106: You heard your father! Sit right back down!

(Skeens sticks his tongue at Fluttershy106)

Fluttershy106: How dare you taunt at me?! That kind of behavior is unacceptable during the conference meeting!

Mrs. Skeens: You need to pack this up!

Skeens: Where?! In a suitcase?!

Fluttershy106: Sassing your mother won't make the conference meeting end sooner! Either sit through it or else there will be some more consequences!

Skeens: Whatever, you N*****! You need to get a life!

Fluttershy106: That's enough! Skeens, you have crossed the red line! How dare you call me the N-word?! I can't tolerate this anymore! This meeting is cancelled! Go home now!

(at home)

Mrs. Skeens: Greg, we cannot believe you caused all of this trouble and got suspended! Also, you acted up during the meeting, stood on the chair, taunted at Fluttershy106, sassed me, and called Fluttershy106 the N-word! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Mr. Skeens: In addition, saying the N word is completely racist!

Skeens: No! I don't want to be ashamed of myself! All I wanted was Fluttershy106 to be sent to the insane hospital!

Mr. Skeens: What?! How dare you refuse to be ashamed of yourself, talk back to your mother and wish Fluttershy106 sent to the insane hospital?! You're grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for two weeks! Go to your room now!

Skeens (running upstairs, Ludoviko's voice): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I got minus naudek (90)!

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