Randall Weems and King Bob-Eric



Mr Skeens-Simon


Skeenss gets in big trouble.


Skeens: B O R E D. What do we have? Bored. What can I do? I got it. I will steal the judge's job.

(at the courthouse)

Skeens: Well, well, well, if isn't Randall Weems.

Randall: I...

Skeens: Guilty!

Randall: What?! Guilty?! I didn't do anything wrong!

Skeens: Yes! You snitched on my friend Gelman! Get out right now!

Randall (running away): But I didn't do anything wrong!

(King Bob comes)

Skeens: Well, well, if it isn't King Bob!

King Bob: I...

Skeens: GUILTY!

King Bob: Hey! No one finds me guilty!

Skeens: Oh yeah! You were the one who was playing on school property!

King Bob: That's my castle and what you're referring to is the jungle gym!

Skeens: I don't care! Get out now!

(King Bob runs away)

(Spinelli comes)

Skeens: If it isn't my worst enemy!

Spinelli: I...

Skeens: GUILTY!

Spinelli: No one finds me guilty, Greg!

Skeens: Hey! You don't address me by my given name! Only my father does! Get out right now!

(Spinelli runs scared and the judge comes in)

Judge: Young man, I've been getting complaints that you found three people guilty for no reason! Get out right now!

(at home)

Mr. Skeens: Greg, you are grounded grounded grounded for stealing the judge's job! Go to your room now!

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