Lawson's dad (Mr. Lawson)-Wiseguy

Skeens' dad (Mr. Skeens)-Simon


This happened right after Lawson was grounded by Leland.


Skeens: Man, I can't believe my friend Lawson got grounded by Leland Powell! I will unground him and apologize for what Leland has done!

(at the Lawson residence)

Skeens: Lawson, I am sorry Leland grounded you. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do what you like.

(Lawson runs in excited)

Skeens: Yes! I ungrounded Lawson!

Lawson: Dad, Skeens just ungrounded me.

Mr. Lawson (to Skeens): Greg, how dare you unground my son?! You know he's supposed to be grounded for killing incident lives! Go home now! (to Lawson) And as for you Erwin, you are grounded grounded grounded for being ungrounded by Greg! Go to your room now!

(at home)

Mr. Skeens: Greg, how dare you unground Lawson?! You know you can't do that!

Skeens: But Dad, I like Lawson and I like Sarah West's Leland gets Grounded.

Mr. Skeens: I don't care! Also, Leland has the right to ground you and your friends, including Mundy, Gelman and much more! You are grounded grounded grounded for six days! Go to your room now!

(Skeens runs upstairs crying in Carlos' voice, Spanish)

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