Skunk: You Must be Master Panda's Grandson?

Po: No I'm Not I'm Po.

Skunk: Let me see your name.

Po: You Know My Name PO NO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

(Po walks at the streets on the way to see Smallfoot)

Skunk: If Po's Going to see the Last Jedi then i'll follow him but first i have to find his real name (walks on Po's back) Look Up in the Sky Giant Meteor is hurting towards earth!

Po: Where? (Skunk reaches inside of Po's pants pocket and takes out his wallet)

Skunk: Oh You'll See It.

Po: I Can't See It.

Skunk: Well To Bad Master Panda's Grandson because i tricked you and found what i was looking for [laughs as he runs off with the wallet].

Po: Hey! Come Back Here! Give Me Back My Wallet!

[traffic sign changes to "Stop" as Skunk, who is still laughing runs past Carmelita Fox Writing a Speeding Ticket on Alan Cook's Car. mumbling on the walkie-talkie]

Carmelita Fox: Holy sea cow! That Crazy Skunk ran a stop sign. [chases after Skunk]

Po: Stop Thief!

Carmelita Fox: Do You Know That Guy?

Po: Yes, He Stole my Wallet.

Carmelita Fox: What? Oh! Stealing Wallets Gets on my nerves Let's Get Him!

[Skunk runs in the Cinema as Carmelita Fox blows her whistle. at last, Skunk was in the Cinema]

Skunk: [laughs] Finally, the moment of truth! Say good-bye to anonymity, Mr.--

Carmelita Fox: [grabs the wallet] Freeze thief!

Skunk: No No! You Don't Understand i only want the Wallet to Check--.

Po: We know exactly why you want it, wallet snatcher. [Po tries not letting go of the wallet]

Skunk: [grunting] This isn't what you're thinking!

Carmelita Fox: That's what you'll be about Stealing, punk. [the wallet rips. Skunk grabs his ID]

Skunk: [gasps] His ID! [laughs] At last! At last! And your name is-- [sees What Po's face and everything on it] Po the Panda? [annoyed] What kind of a funny name is that?

Po: It's My Funny Name! "Po!"

Carmelita Fox: [hits Skunk on the head with her nightstick as he falls down] No More Stealing Wallets Mr. Rip-Off. [handcuffs Skunk]

Skunk: But I-I-I didn't intentionally do anything wrong.

Carmelita Fox: Tell It to the Judge Pickpocket.

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