Skunk: Frank Wienerton, you are ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you want.

Frank Wienerton: Horray!

Skunk: Yes! I ungrounded Frank!

Frank Wienerton: Mr. Nezzer, I got ungrounded by Skunk.

Mr. Nezzer: Oh my God! Skunk, how dare you unground Frank Wienerton?! That's it! Go home right now!

Skunk: I hope The Red Death & The Muddy Bewilderbeast Doesn't find out about this.

Mr. Nezzer: And as for you Frank, you are grounded grounded grounded until Christmas Day!

Frank Wienerton: But Mr. Nezzer, I wanna to have a fun time with my friends. Give me another chance.

Mr. Nezzer: It doesn't matter! Go to your room now!

Frank Wienerton (Running back in Finn's voice): NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

(at home)

The Red Death: Skunk!, I can't believe you ungrounded Frank Wienerton?! You know better than that!

Skunk: But Red Death, Frank is not a troublemaker so that's why I ungrounded him it's all because he's animated.

The Red Death: We don't care! You still have no right to unground Frank Wienerton! That's it! You're grounded grounded grounded until How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy is Complete! Go to your room now and you can forget about going to the pool party!

Drago's Bewilderbeast: I Agreed Because what you did was wrong Now Get Up Stairs!

Skunk: No fair! I want to go to the pool party! You'll pay for this, Red Death & Muddy Bewilderbeast!

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