Skunk: Man! Everbody Hates Cujo, Rottweiler (2004), The Pack (1977), Pet Sematary, Sausage Party & The Happytime Murders I Know, I Liked to See Junior (1994).

Video Manager: This is the One We Have.

Skunk: Thanks.

(back at home)

Skunk: Alright Junior (1994)

(after the movie)

Skunk: That was a funny movie.

The Red Death: Hey Skunk, I've got big news for. Wait is that Unfriended on DVD?! Oh! (X30) Skunk, how dare you get Junior (1994) on DVD? Junior (1994) is the inappropriate comedy film, and I thought I told you never to buy anything inappropriate comedy film. That's It! You're grounded for Giga Eternity.

Skunk: But Red Death, I liked the movie.

The Red Death: I don't care what you think. I'm going to give this DVD to Azura so she can burn it!

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