Gumball Watterson: Let's See What's On Dogo News, (sees Paul Allen (1953-2018) What's Paul Allen doing here is this a tribute?

(Gumball Listens Paul Allen on Dogo News)

Gumball Watterson: There's Something that One of my Friends should know, Guys I Have Some bad news.

Red Claw: This had Better not be Cujo committing crime.

Po: Or Skunk complaining for the 2 Season of Skunk Fu!

Gumball Watterson: No, Paul Allen Died on October 15th.

Spyro: What?

Toothless: What?

Lewis Robinson: What?

Po: What?

Red Claw: What?

Tyrannor: What?

Lincoln Loud: What?

Gumball Watterson: I Was on Dogo News there's a Tribute to Paul Allen.

Spyro: Oh No No No, Oh No No No No.

Toothless: I Can't Believe Paul Allen Died of Cancer.

Po: That Means We're Going to his Funeral.

Gumball Watterson: Agree, he was a good man working of Microsoft.

Skunk: Where are you Going Traitors!?

Gumball Watterson: You Shut Up Skunk! We're Going to Paul Allen's Funeral.

Po: Yeah!

Toothless: I Suggest you Behave at the Funeral or get Nothing.

The Red Death: Did you Hear That Skunk, We're Going to Paul Allen's Funeral.

Skunk: No Way I'm Not Going to Paul Allen's Funeral

Drago's Bewilderbeast: You Either Come or Get Grounded.

Skunk: Okay!

(at Paul Allen's Funeral)

Gumball Watterson: I'm So Gonna miss Paul Allen.

Lewis Robinson: Me Too.

Toothless: We're All are Going to Miss him.

Skunk: Except Me! I've got a plan. I am going to front of the church to shake my bottom in my underwear to make this boring old funeral fun! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Red Death: No Skunk, Funeral isn't met for fun it's to pray them.

[Skunk stands up, walks up to the front of the church]

Skunk: "Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your butt! Shake your butt! Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake! Shake your butt!"

Drago's Bewilderbeast: Stop This Right Now!

Skunk: Shut up! I am setting the church on fire!

[Skunk holds out a box of matches and sets the church on fire]

Gumball Watterson: Don't Do It Skunk!

Skunk : "Ha! Now the church will burn so that the church will never be shown again."

[The attendants and the legendary dragons begin to panic and run away as the fire spreads]

The Red Death: You Are So Grounded for misbehaving at Paul Allen's Funeral.

Drago's Bewilderbeast: This Means no Skunk Fu! No Rip-Off Shows! No Baby Shows and Nothing you Get! This time, Axel Manning, leader of the Alpha Team, will beat you up!

Axel: This is what you will get for misbehaving at Paul Allen's funeral. Prepare for some bleeding!

(meanwhile at Gumball's house)

Nicole Watterson: There you are Gumball, Where have you been.

Gumball Watterson: Paul Allen's Funeral because he died of Cancer.

Nicole Watterson: Gumball I'm Really Sorry.

Gumball Watterson: Thanks.

(meanwhile at Spyro's house)

Elora: Spyro i Heard that Paul Allen died of Cancer I'm Sorry.

Spyro: Thanks Elora.

(meanwhile at Lewis's house)

Wendy Corduroy: Lewis, I'm Really Sorry How Paul Allen died of Cancer.

Lewis Robinson: Thanks Mom.

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