• Noob 1: Man, we can't believe we got sent to jail after we robbed a bank, too bad we weren't able to steal the money. We hope someone can rescue us.
  • Skunk: I Can Release you.
  • Noob 2: It's Skunk!
  • Skunk: That's Right we're rescuing you can get rid of the Selkie and her friend & be part of our Rip-off club.
  • Noob 3: Alright
  • (Skunk unlocks the cellblock)
  • Noob 4: Thanks Skunk.
  • Cujo: Anytime! Let's celebrate in my clubhouse!
  • Selkie: Oh (X6) I Can't Believe Skunk release the Noobs from Prison That's It I'm Calling the Legendary Dragons!
  • The Red Death: Hello!, Skunk Did What? Oh He's in really really trouble!
  • Drago's Bewilderbbeast: Let's Get Him.
  • (Skunk dancing in the horror and drama clubhouse)
  • The Red Death: Skunk! Come Out of that Clubhouse!
  • (Skunk came out of the clubhouse)
  • Drago's Bewilderbeast: You are in Huge Trouble Now! for Releasing the Noobs from Prison!
  • The Red Death: Skunk, You're Grounded Until Aladdin (2019) comes out!
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