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Sophie's mom: waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Sophie's dad: what's wrong honey?!

Sophie's mom: my tummy broke.

Sophie's dad: let me take you to the hospital

(At the hospital)

Sophie's dad: is my wife gonna be okay?

Doctor: yes, all she needs to do is push push push

(Then, a baby pops out)

Doctor: congratulations, it's a girl, what would you name her?

Sophie's mom: i call her sophie

(Text: sophie was born in 1989)

(Age 2, 1991)

Sophie's dad: don't worry sophie, now your not in trouble, i'll put on nickelodeon, why? Because the 3 nicktoons doug, rugrats, and the ren and stimpy show, appeared.

(Age 3, 1992)

Preschool teacher: class, get your milk and cookies out

Sophie: yay, i love milk and cookies

(The class then share)

(Age 4, 1993)

Sophie: i can't wait for snick to come on. I hope clarissa explains it all, roundhouse, ren and stimpy, and are you afraid of the dark is awesome

(Age 6, 1997)

(Where sophie is at claire's, buying a hairband)

(Age 9, christmas 1998)

Sophie's dad: (holding a camera) it's christmas in 1998, say hi to the camera, sophie

Sophie: hi camera, but I want presents, and i got a collection of nail polishes, a nail remover and a cottons, and, i got nickelodeon snick vhs.

Sophie's dad: that's sweet!

(Age 10, 1999)

Sophie: wow! Nicktoons summer jam and 101 spooky whizbang, i love those blocks! I can be on them

(in 2012, sophie was crying after her parents died, then her friends came)

ryan: hello pretty girl

sophie: (dries her eyes) Guys?

michelle: well, if we finally met each other in 1996!

justin: we’re nickelodeon presenters since the 90s, after that we split into two groups to appear on each show

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