Lightning King of the Bullet Fists

Mega Man X stats:

Spark Mandrill (Spark Mandriller)

Height: 305 cm (10.0 ft)

Weight: 294 kg (648 lbs, mistakenly show as 646 lbs in-game)

Attacks: Electric Spark, Dash Punch


Electric Spark - When Spark Mandrill punches the ground, he releases two surges of electricity in opposing directions that run along the floor and up the walls of his boss-room. X can copy this ability, but he fires a projectile that moves through the air rather than punching the ground. When X's spark hits a surface, it splits in two: one goes up, the other down.

Dash Punch - Spark Mandrill charges at his opponent to deliver a powerful punch.

Cable Swing - Spark Mandrill can grab the cables hanging from his chamber's ceiling and swing across them, dropping down on top of his enemy.

Voice: Dallas

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