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Spyro: Hey, Superman, may I get Coco on DVD please? Because that movie is not violent.

Superman: Yes, Spyro, because you're a good guy.

Spyro: Thank you

DVD Store Cashier: Welcome to the DVD Store, how may I help you?

Spyro: May I get Coco on DVD please?

DVD Store Cashier: Here you go, enjoy this DVD

Spyro: YES!! I got Coco on DVD

(Spyro returns home)

Spyro: Well, since I have Coco, i'm going to watch them now.

Dudley Puppy: Spyro, before you watch Problem Child films, you're not in trouble, Spyro, but I'm mad at Cujo for buying The Happytime Murders on DVD while grounded.

Spyro: What's wrong, Dudley, why are you angry?

Dudley Puppy: It was Cujo's fault to ground the four of us because Cujo wouldn't let you watch The Happytime Murders, I'll take away Cujo's Happytime Murders, I'll take away his The Happytime Murders on DVD to set it on fire.

Cujo: Oh god! It's My Dad!!

Dudley Puppy: Cujo, how dare you wouldn't let Spyro watch Coco, and also, how dare you buy The Happytime Murders on DVD when I said no to that DVD, and also that movie is inappropriate, and you're not allowed to watch movies and shows that are inappropriate.

Cujo: But Dad, The Happytime Murders is better than that Coco on DVD!

Dudley Puppy: I don't care, Cujo, and I'm taking away this inappropriate DVD to the flame.

Cujo: NO! (10x), don't take away this DVD, PLEASE, DAD, NO!!

Spyro: Cujo, how dare you wouldn't let me watch Coco, and how dare you get The Happytime Murders, that's it, you're grounded for life.

Cujo: I guess this means no movies, no shows, no video games, and no music that are horror and crime drana, right, Dad?

Dudley Puppy: Exactly, Cujo, you're grounded (10x) for life, and you'll be forced to watch Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, The Amazing World of Gumball, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and other movies and shows that are not Inappropriate as well.

Spyro: And you'll be forced to play Sonic, Mario, Donkey Kong, and other games as well.

Dudley Puppy: Also, you'll be forced to listen to Disney & Dreamworks, and other music too.

Spyro: You'll be forced to watch Coco from now on!

Cujo: NO!! (7x), I wanted The Happytime Murders on DVD, not this Coco garbage!!

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