It’s a song when Betty Ann bongo tells the students of P.S 118 that she won the beauty contest, people see her wearing a blue and geeen bikini which it is similar to her bathing suit, with water wings, flippers, swimming goggles, a kickboard, and an innertube, she raised loads of staples to earn a trip to Florida

It is sung by each cartoon character, with Betty Anne bongo taking June's place as the lead vocalist

Lyrics Edit

betty Anne bongo: There comes a time with all my life, When you need a helping hand as you have a good time at school!

Loopy: Thanks for showing, (with jetcat) That you care

Prometheus: Part of life (with anemia) can be!

Action League Now cast: In keeping us together, (with louie the chameleon and Louie the hamster) It's like a friend in stock.

Sniz: As long as we got staples.

Fondue: (with the brothers tiki) We'll never come apart!

Entire cast: (except the Offbeats) We're keeping us together! We're one big family! Thanks to you with our family, We're the best staple on TV!

betty Anne bongo: (Spoken) And I won the beauty contest on tv

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