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  • Cujo: Now That I Got Gumball at the Hospital, I force him to watch Vampire Diaries at the Hospital.
  • Star Butterfly: I Think Not, I'm Star Butterfly so i'm gonna Grounded you for Running Gumball Over!
  • [Cujo runs into his house angry]
  • Custard: (in his TV show voice) Yes! (normal voice) I finally grounded Cujo!
  • [Cujo and Dudley Puppy appear outside]
  • Cujo: There she is, that Star Butterfly grounded me!
  • [Dudley Puppy then gets angry at Cujo as Star Butterfly laughs in his TV show voice at Cujo getting grounded]
  • Dudley Puppy: That's right Cujo, she grounded you because you ran Gumball over with Kitty's Car! As for you Star Butterfly, you better get out of here and head home because I'm going to get the Mavericks from Megaman X to arrest Cujo and I will tell them he's banned to do Horror Stuff!
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