Spirit Sharp-Shooter of the Haunted Forest

Sting Chameleon (Sting Chameleao)

Height: 177 cm (5.80 ft)

Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs, mistakenly shown as 169 lbs in-game)

Attacks: Chameleon Sting, Iron Tongue


Chameleon Blend - Being based on a chameleon, he can camouflage himself and vanish into his surroundings.

Chameleon Sting - Sting Chameleon launches metallic darts from his tail. When Mega Man X copies his data, he fires a three-way laser rather than darts.

Iron Tongue - Sting Chameleon uses his tongue like a whip to lash opponents. He can also use it to anchor himself to the ceiling of his boss-room and shake spikes loose that will fall upon X.

Voice: Dave

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