Sue Bob's dad-Joey

Sue Bob's old voice-Kendra


Gelman's dad-Simon


Sue Bob's new voice-Sam (Speakonia)


Sue Bob gets in big trouble.


Sue Bob's dad: Sue Bob Murphy, how dare you mail Kumi to Abu Dhabi?! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 12 days! As for your punishment, you will get your voice changed!

Sue Bob Murphy: No! I don't want my voice changed!

Sue Bob's dad: Too bad! Let's get in the car!

(in the hospital)

Gelman: Dad, please I don't want my voice changed! I want to play pranks on Fluttershy106.

Gelman's dad: Too bad Gelman! This is what you get for putting a wasp nest in Fluttershy106's office! When your voice is changed, you will be grounded.

Doctor: The doctor is here.

(at the table)

Sue Bob's dad: Change my daughter's voice because she mailed Kumi to Abu Dhabi.

Doctor: Okay.


Doctor: Now let's test it out.

Sue Bob Murphy (now speaking in Sam's voice): Oh no. My voice is Microsoft Sam.

Doctor: How's that?

Sue Bob's dad: That's perfect. Let's go home.

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