Sue Bob Murphy-Kendra

Miss Finster and Principal Prickly-Wiseguy


Police Officer-Male Voice 6 (Speakonia)

Sue Bob's dad-Joey

Bus Driver-Kate

Shirt Bro-Dallas

Sweater Bro-Gregory (Voiceforge)

Coat Bro-Steven

Hat Bro and Chief Executive Officer of the Bossbot Headquarters-Dave

Dress Bro-Daniel

Suit Bro-Hugh

Tyrolean Hat Bro-Geraint

Gown Bro-Russell


This is the sequel to Sue Bob Murphy ungrounds Monterrey. On the bus ride to Toontown, Sue Bob is with the Tailor Shop Bro characters who are also going there.


Sue Bob Murphy: I can't believe I got grounded for ungrounding Monterrey, Carrie's older brother! Carrie was the one responsible for ditching church! I will go and confront her!

(at the rooftop)

Miss Finster: Peter, isn't this a good view.

Principal Prickly: It sure is.

Sue Bob Murphy: Hello my haters! What do we have here?! If it isn't Carrie!

Carrie: That's me!

Sue Bub Murphy: Weren't you the one who ditched church?!

Carrie: I was.

Sue Bob Murphy: Your older brother Monterrey, who I ungrounded earlier, was trying to teach you a lesson about ditching church! Thanks to you, he is now grounded and crying in his room! I'm going to push you off the rooftop!

(Sue Bob Murphy pushes Carrie off the rooftop)


Carrie landed to the alley floor below with a BUMP! 

Sue Bob began to laugh. 

Sue Bob: Hahahahahahahahaha! That's what she gets for for ditching church!

Suddenly the police officer came, much to Sue Bob's shock. He was furious. 

Police Officer: Sue Bob Murphy! How dare you push Carrie off the roof!? I just heard that you're going to do that! That's it, I will take you home and tell your parents about this!

The police officer sent Sue Bob home in disgrace. Back home, Sue Bob was sitting on a couch, crying, and Sue Bob's parents were dismayed. 

Sue Bob's mum: Oh no! Not our daughter again! What did she do this time?

Sue Bob: If you tell Mom and Dad what happened, I will destroy the couch!

Police Officer: Well, you're not going to be happy when I say this, Mr and Mrs Murphy! Sue Bob just pushed Carrie off the roof. And now she's in medical injuries, broken bones, and...

Sue Bob gets impatient and destroys the couch.

Sue Bob's dad: Sue Bob, how dare you destroy our couch?! You know you had to wait until the police officer finished his story! Also, how dare you push Carrie off the roof?!

Sue Bob: But Mom and Dad, I didn't like the couch you got because it's stupid! Also, Carrie was the one responsible for ditching church service!

Sue Bob's dad: How dare you do this?! You had to destroy our couch after Officer Brandon took you home! Do you want to know how much money we paid for that couch?!

Sue Bob: How much money did you pay for the couch?

Sue Bob's dad: $39.99 and thanks to you, we only have $12 and we don't have enough money for a new one!

Sue Bob's mom: We already called the bus to take you to Toontown!

Bus Driver: Come with me!

In the bus, Sue Bob seees the Tailor Shop Bro characters.

Sue Bob: Why are you all here?

Shirt Bro: I got sent here because I threw a book at Mr. Dallas.

Sweater Bro: I got sent here because I vandalised the school.

Coat Bro: I got sent here because I pulled the fire alarm.

Hat Bro: I got sent here because I threw my textbook at Mr. Dallas. Not only that but also, after Principal Eric let me off with a warning, I threw a chair at him as well.

Dress Bro: I got sent here because I disrespected the flag salute.

Suit Bro: I got sent here because I called Mr. Dallas the N-Word.

Tyrolean Hat Bro: I got sent here because I disrespected Ms. Dallas.

Gown  Bro: And I got sent here because I stole Mario's lunch.

Bus Driver: Toontown everybody off.

In Toontown, Sue Bob Murphy, Shirt Bro, Sweater Bro, Coat Bro, Hat Bro, Dress Bro, Suit Bro, Tyrolean Hat Bro, and Gown Bro are still crying like babies.

Bus Driver: All nine of you, stop crying like babies! It's your own faults! Sue Bob, go to Bossbot Headquarters!

Later, Sue Bob entered Bossbot Headquarters.

Chief Executive Officer: Welcome to Bossbot Headquarters! How may I help you and where are your parents?

Sue Bob Murphy: They called a bus to take me there all because I pushed Carrie off the rooftop.

Chief Executive Officer: Sue Bob, you know that you're not allowed to push Carrie off the roof! That's it, come with me right now! 

Then Sue Bob came with the Chief Executive Officer, and then she entered the cell. Sue Bob sat on a bed. 

Chief Executive Officer: This is your cell! You will be forced to watch Rugrats!

Later, with the other Tailor Shop Bro characters.

Bus Driver: Shirt Bro, since this is your first time here, you will eat the world's hottest noodles.


Bus Driver: And Sweater Bro, since this also your first time here, you will take a dip in Toontown Lake!


Back in the cell.

Sue Bob: I can't believe I've got sent here again! Wait? Could this be a dream? There's only one way to find out! WAKE UP!

Sue Bob was back in her bed.

Sue Bob: I was right. Getting sent to Toontown for pushing Carrie off the rooftop was a dream all along.

Sue Bob's dad's voice: I got a call from Fred and Evelin Lawson! They told me you made a grounded video out of their daughter Sharon!

Sue Bob: Good thing! I didn't want Lawson to have a sister anyway, but I must confess to my dad right now!

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