Plot Edit

Sue Bob fails to get me sent to the mental people's homes.

Cast Edit

Sue Bob: Kendra

Brianlego98: Brian

Lawson: Eric

Rachel: Julie

PZonaKo: Tom

Eugene: Simon

DJGoHam and Mark: Paul

Mary: Jennifer

Tina: Kimberly

Prickly and Finster: Wiseguy

Nadia: Salli

Mr. Murphy and Gelman: Joey

Mrs. Murphy: Catherine

Transcript Edit

Sue Bob: Man, I cannot believe Brianlego98 gave me a Warren Style Punishment, I'll make a grounded video out of him, it's called Brianlego98 gives Lawson a concussion and gets grounded, let's get started.

(At Brianlego98's house)

Brianlego98: Alright, DJGoHam, let's see David's new TLX Update and what is this?

GoHam: That must be a grounded video out of you.

(Video begins)

At the hallway, Brianlego98 is very angry at Lawson.

Brianlego98: Lawson, you good-for-nothing snitch! You caused trouble for me one too many times! That's it, I'm going to give you a concussion!

Lawson was horrified.

Lawson: Nononononononononononononononononononono! Please don't give me a concussion!  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Brianlego98: Too bad! Say your prayers, bully!

Brianlego98 gave Lawson a concussion. POW! Lawson screamed in pain.

Lawson: Aaaaaaaah!

Lawson collapsed to the floor. Lawson began to cry.

Lawson: Owwwwww! My head! My brain! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Brianlego98: That's what you get for causing trouble for us!

Just then, Rachel came, much to Brianlego98's horror, and she was wearing a tiara, a royal purple dress and a royal red cloak. She was very angry.

Brianlego98: Uh-oh! It's Rachel!

Rachel: Brianlego98, how dare you give Lawson a concussion?! I just saw you doing that!

Brianlego98: Rachel, why are you in your royal outfit?

Rachel: Because King Bob and his loyal subjects are in the mental hospital. I'm taking over King Bob's throne! Now look at poor Lawson! You injured him on purpose! That's it, I'm sending you to Principal Prickly's office! Come with me right now, you horrid good-for-nothing teacher!

Rachel dragged Brianlego98 on her way to Principal Prickly's office, kicking and screaming.


Gelman came to Lawson.

Gelman: Lawson, what happened? Are you hurt?

Lawson: Brianlego98 gave me a concussion. My head hurt. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Gelman: Oh no! This is terrible! I'm telling Miss Finster about what happened! Thanks for telling me!

Gelman rushed off to find Miss Finster.

In Principal Prickly's office, Rachel approached Principal Prickly, dragging Brianlego98 to him.

Principal Prickly: So, Rachel Hart? What happened?

Rachel: Well, you're going to be very angry when I say this. Brianlego98 gave Lawson a concussion, and I noticed that Erwin's head is bruised. I have to send him here because he did so. And that's what happened! End of story!

Principal Prickly: Thanks for telling me! I'm going to give Brianlego98 a good talking to.

Rachel: Thanks, Principal Prickly.

Principal Prickly was very upset with Brianlego98.

Principal Prickly: Brianlego98, I'm very disappointed in you for giving Lawson a concussion. You should be ashamed of yourself. Now Lawson needs to go to the hospital, thanks to you! That's it, you are fired for two weeks! Go home right now!

Brianlgeo98 went home in disgrace. Meanwhile, back in the hallway, Miss Finster and Gelman came to Lawson.

Miss Finster: Lawson, are you alright?

Lawson: No! My head hurt. Call the ambulance, please. I'm in great pain. I want to go to the hospital.

Miss Finster: Oh my god! Thanks for telling me! Gelman, look after Lawson while I call the ambulance to take Lawson to the hospital, pronto!

Gelman: Yes, Miss Finster.

So Gelman started to look after Lawson while Miss Finster picked up a phone to call the ambulance. Back in Brianlego98's house, Brianlego98's parents and friend Mark scolded Brian.

Eugene: Brian, how dare you give Lawson a concussion?! That is unacceptable.

Brianlego98: But mum and dad, Lawson caused trouble for me one too many times. That's why I have to teach him a lesson.

Mary: It doesn't matter, young man! You know you can't do that! Lawson has to go to the hospital, thanks to you!

Eugene: That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for two weeks!

Mark: Go upstairs to your room now!

Eugene: Now here's a bet! You go to your room right now while I call Mr Hart and ask him to tell his daughter to take you to Kelso's tomorrow.

Brianlego98 went to his room. 

Brianlego98: Whatever you say, mum and dad.

The next day, in the hospital, in the ward, Lawson had got his head bandaged up and he was in a hospital bed. Rachel was still in her royal outfit. She was extremely angry with Brianlego98.

Rachel: Brianlego98, you ruffian! You injured Erwin on purpose! Thanks to you, Miss Finster has to get Mundy to substitute for him!

Brianlego98 felt angry.

Brianlego98: Rachel, you whomp! You said we could go to Kelso's! You lied to me!

Rachel: Brianlego98, it was not a lie! We're in a hospital!

Brianlego98: Yes it was! You tricked me into coming here, you snobby good-for-nothing n*****!

Rachel: Brianlego98, you don't EVER scream in a hospital! And don't call me the n-word either! If you don't behave yourself, I'll call your parents!

Brianlego98: Then I'm going! See ya, son of a b****!

Brianlego98 walked off. 

Rachel: Stop right there! If you don't, I'll put you in the dodgeball wall when we get back to school!

Brianlego98: Never! This hospital is a piece of s***! Try to catch me first!

Rachel: Then you leave me no choice!

Brianlego98 ran away. Enraged, Rachel began to chase after Brianlego98. 

Rachel: Get back here! We're only here because you gave Erwin a concussion!

Brianlego98 ran out of the hospital. 

Brianlego98: I'm not coming back there to see that idiot again! F*** that bully! He whomps! 

Rachel: Yes you are! When he recovers, you go apologize to him!

Brianlego98: No, I'm not coming back there to apologize to him!

Rachel: Yes you are! Come back here, or I'll call your parents!

Brianlego98: No way, you fashion reject! You whomp!

Rachel: Get back here, or I'll send you to the dodgeball wall when we get back to school!

Brianlego98 approach Tina. 

Brianlego98: Help! Tina! There's a madwoman chasing me! Do something! Stop her from chasing me! Quick!

Brianlego98 ran past Tina and Tina halted Rachel.

Tina: Stop! Hey, what's going on!? What's the big idea chasing after that boy like that!? 

Rachel First of all, He's my substitute teacher from 5th Grade! My substitute is Brianlego98! Second of all, I took him to the hospital because he gave Erwin a concussion!

Tina: Hey, there's no need to chase after Brian like that! Also, I was there when I heard what you were going to do to Brian!

Flashback began, as Rachel was crafty.

Rachel: We're going to Kelso's. My boyfriend's friends are meeting us there.

Flashback ended.

Rachel: Yes, I get the idea! I had to trick him into going to Kelso's when we were actually going to the hospital!

Tina: I understand! There's no need to trick Brian into coming to the hospital all because they give Erwin a concussion!

Rachel lost her temper. 

Rachel: Right! That's it! This is the last straw! (Shouty's voice) LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM! LET ME AT HIM RIGHT NOW!!!

Tina: I'm afraid your rage is getting worse. Besides, you have been too violent this time. I'm sending you to Mental People's Home. You're getting mad and insane. Because your molesting behaviour has gone too far, I'm sending you to solitary confinement. Come with me now. Let's get in the car now!

Tina dragged Rachel kicking and screaming on the way to her car. 

Rachel: Noooooooooooo! Who will someone take my place?! I was taking King Bob's place because he and his sceptres are in the mental hospital!

Tina: It looks like another female bully will. Now get into the car!

Rachel did as she was told, and she got in the car. 

Later, Tina and Rachel arrived at Mental People's Home and took Rachel out of the car. She dragged her inside and dragged her on the way to the dormitory. Then she and Rachel arrived at the dormitory. 

Tina: Welcome to my Mental People's Home. You will stay in there. This dormitory is where you're staying. This is what you get for trying to trick Brian. Since you've been going too far on Brian and chasing him, I'm sending you to solitary confinement. Come with me.

Rachel did as she was told, and she followed Tina on the way to the solitary confinement. Then Tina and Rachel reached the cell, and then Tina placed Rachel in solitary confinement. 

Tina: This is the solitary confinement. You will stay in there, and you will go to the dormitary tomorrow. Enjoy your permanent stay. And if you dare escape, you will be grounded even more. Enjoy your permanent stay.  

Tina walked away. Rachel felt very unhappy.

Rachel: This is an outrage. I can't believe I got sent to Mental People's Home because I chased Brian who outran me after I tricked him into coming to the hospital all because he gave Erwin a concussion. Can things get any worse? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Back in Brian's house, Brianlego98's parents scolded Brian. 

Eugene: Brian, how dare you escape from the hospital?!

Mary: And what's worse, you ruined Rachel's royalty by getting her sent to the insane hospital!

Eugene: That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for two weeks!

Mark: Go to your room right now!

Brianlego98 went to this room, crying. 

Brianlego98: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(Video ends) 

DJGoHam: What! Oh my god, David get over here now. 

PZonaKo: What is it? 

Brianlego98: Sue Bob made a grounded video out of me, I only gave Lawson a disciplinary action for his own good, we're telling my dad. 

Eugene: What is it, Brian? I was getting lotto tickets for you, lemme guess, that bully made a bad video out of you? 

Brianlego98: Yes, It was Sue Bob who did that, I'm calling Nadia into the room, but first, we're hosting a fake WWE meeting. 

Nadia: Did I hear WWE? 

82 Studios: Yes, but, what is worse? Sue Bob made a grounded video out of Brian. 

Nadia: Brian, we're going to the Murphy's. 

(At Sue Bob's house) 

Sue Bob: Yes, this video is getting views and a negative comment from 82 Studios. 

(A comment from 82 Studios says "Sue Bob, what the hell is wrong with you, I sent Brian and Nadia to confront you".) 

Sue Bob: Nadia and Brian are gonna kill me. 

Mr. Murphy: Sue Bob, get downstairs now. 

(At the living room) 

Sue Bob: Oh, no, I'm f****d. 

Mr. Murphy: Sue Bob, Brianlego98 is very angry at you because you made a grounded video out of him and Nadia is upset because of you. 

Nadia: And never make bad videos out of my friend ever. 

Mrs. Murphy: Sue Bob, how dare you make a grounded video out of Brianlego98?! He is the best substitute teacher of Third Street School and the best teaching aid of Mario Enemies School, that's it, you're grounded for a month, back to your room now. 

Sue Bob: (Baby Cry FX) 

Mr. Murphy: Stop crying like a baby!

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