Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy

Mr. Chang-Paul


Suni Chang gets warned.


Suni: Man, I can't believe I gave my sister Pan Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce and got away with it. I hope I can get away with ungrounding someone. Who? Let's see.

(Jeopardy theme plays, as Suni is thinking)

Suni: I got it! I will unground Erwin Lawson and get away with it.

At Lawson's house.

Suni: Lawson, I have a word with you.

Lawson: What is it?

Suni: Since you're my friend, you are ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you want.

Lawson runs in excited.

Suni: Yes! I ungrounded Lawson!

Lawson: Dad, Suni Chang just ungrounded me! Are you happy?

Mr. Lawson: No! I am not happy Erwin! Not! Happy! 

Lawson: Why aren't you happy Dad?

Mr. Lawson: Because you're still grounded for making a grounded series out of King Bob with your friends! Get in the house and really be ashamed of yourself!

Lawson (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Mr. Lawson: Suni Chang, how dare you unground my son?! That's it! I will dial your father!

Suni Chang runs away.

Mr. Chang's voice: This is Mr. Chang speaking. Is it about my daughter?

Mr. Lawson: Yes it is. She ungrounded my son Erwin. Can you ground her please?

Mr. Chang's voice: No.

Mr. Lawson: What?!

Mr. Chang's voice: That's because she's too young to be grounded.

Mr. Lawson: Mr. Chang, that's the lamest excuse ever. My son is a troublemaker.

Mr. Chang's voice: It is not the lamest excuse. She didn't know.

Mr. Lawson: Excuse me?! She didn't know?! Are you letting her get away with it?!

Mr. Chang's voice: She may have gotten away with getting revenge on her older sister Pan by giving her Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce but... I forgot.

Mr. Lawson: Is there something wrong?

Mr. Chang's voice: I gotta go. 

At home...

Mr. Chang: Suni, I got off the phone with Fred Lawson. He told me you ungrounded Lawson. I must say, you might have gotten away with getting revenge on your older sister Pan by giving her Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce but Lawson is a troublemaker.

Suni: I'm sorry Dad. I didn't know.

Mr. Chang: Apology accepted. Instead of grounding you, I'm going to let you off the hook with a warning. If I see you ungrounding another troublemaker like Lawson, you will be grounded and I mean it this time.

Suni: Thanks Dad. I promise not to do that again.

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