Super Kirby Clash: The Movie is a upcoming Nintendo movie that is based on Super Kirby Clash.

Plot Edit

The movie starts with Kirby visiting the Dream Kingdom. After that. Parallel Nightmare summons huge monsters to wreck the Dream Kingdom. A Waddle Dee named Bandana Waddle Dee calls three Kirbys to form a squad called Team Kirby. Team Kirby start defeating the monsters. starting with Hornhead in the Seaside. Eventually. Team Kirby spot Parallel Nightmare in the Ruins and duel him. Although they seem to have won the battle. but Parallel Nightmare escaped and flew beyond the Volcano. headling towards the cloudy Empyrean. Team Kirby pursue him. defeating more monsters along the way, At the Empyrean. Team Kirby end up spoting the wrong mage. Taranza. After defeating him. a sad scene will play where Taranza fades away. Team Kirby sets off to the Decisive Battlefield where they confront Parallel Nightmare. In a last-ditch attempt to stop Team Kirby. he summons the dreaded King D-Mind from a portal. but the enraged king turns on the wizard and bats him away with a hammer. scaring Team Kirby. Team Kirby must contend with this great and evil king to send him back from whence he came. At first. this defeat saved Kirby's friends. but err long. monsters began to rampage once again. even more stronger than ever before. Team Kirby jump back into the action. and discover that Parallel Nightmare had not been defeated. They prusue him to an otherworldly realm called the Dreamscape and defeat him once again. Parallel Nightmare falls back and uses a another portal to call the Aeon Hero to crush Team Kirby. but the Aeon Hero kills the wizard before enraging Team Kirby. After the fight of a lifetime. Team Kirby manage to defeat this Aeon Hero and finally save the Dream Kingdom. A party is held in the Dream Kingdom. Where Team Kirby discover that Taranza has been revived. The movie ends with everyone doing the Kirby Dance. In a post-credits scene. Team Kirby become the rulers of the Dream Kingdom.

Characters Edit

  • Kirby as Sword Hero
  • Yellow Kirby as Hammer Lord
  • Blue Kirby as Doctor Healmore
  • Green Kirby as Bean Mage
  • Bandana Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Dees
  • Magolor
  • Taranza
  • Susie
  • Meta Knight
  • King Dedede
  • Every boss
  • The Three Mage-Sisters
  • King D-Mind
  • Aeon Hero
  • Parallel Nightmare

Trivia Edit

  • In a scene where Team Kirby is about to deal the final blow to Aeon Hero. Team Kirby's mouths will be open.
  • During the movie. Team Kirby visit Magolor's Shoppe to purchase strong equipment.
  • When Team Kirby is about to purchase stronger equipment. A line of Waddle Dees can be seen.
  • Release date: August 29th 2020
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