Wiki Features allows you to select which of FANDOM's optional features you'd like to have on your wiki. Take a look and remember to play around, you can enable or disable these features at any time.

  • ===Polls===

Allow anyone on your wiki to create a poll! With Polls enabled your users can use the poll tag to add this neat feature to any page. This feature is a great way to increase contribution on your wiki.


  • ===Blogs===

Blogs allow users on your wiki to create their own blog posts on their profile page and can also be used as a great way to communicate news and events to your wiki community.


  • ===Article Comments===

This extension will let people write comments at the bottom of article pages. Other users can reply to the comments, and signatures and timestamps are automatically assigned. This will replace talk pages on your wiki.


  • ===Message Wall===

Communicating with the contributors on your wiki is an essential part of building and maintaining your community. The Message Wall uses a threaded conversation format and notification system that lets you control which conversations you're interested in following. No more missed messages!


  • ===Europa Infobox Theme===

Enable a new look for your infoboxes to fully benefit from your wiki's color theme!



Labs is where you can find features and ideas that we're experimenting with. Since we're still in the lab tweaking these features they might have some kinks, but we want you to join the fun! Turn them on and send us your feedback on the good, the bad, and the downright quirky behavior of these products.

  • ===New Image Galleries Active on 11,853 wikis===

Here’s a sneak peek of the new image galleries which have been updated to present your community-curated image collections in a more sleek and modern way. During this Labs beta period, creating new galleries and modifying existing galleries will temporarily only be available in source. Learn more.

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  • ===Chat Active on 61,742 wikis===

Instantaneously communicate with other people who love your wiki and your wiki's topic as much as you do! Anyone with a Wikia account can join chat via the "Join the Chat" button in the right navigational area of your site.

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