Fluttershy106, can you go to the Vyond Free Trial site and create a video like that and upload it on Youtube? Poor Fluttershy106 has go get his normal voice because some of the bullies make fun of his girly voice and call him a man-lady.

Can you do a sequel? Will Fluttershy106 end up in the insane hospital or Mental People's Home? Poor Fluttershy106. Will Dr Slicer replace him because Fluttershy106 gets called a man-lady?

Josh's full name is Joshua Crum. 

Would you suggest that Josh is on the same side as Lawson, thus confirming that he is in fifth grade, plays dodgeball war, causing trouble and do manias like Mr Toad does? Josh is like Mr Toad, Jordan and Jerome are like Ratty and Moley and King Bob is like Angus MacBadger!

Josh is in fifth grade like other King Bob's loyal subjects like Sound Effects Boy and Slappy. 

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