Cast[edit | edit source]


Donkey Kong-Young Guy/Charlie

Police Officer and Mr Steele (Tara's dad)-Wiseguy

Sumo Kong-Steven

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Tara: Man! I can't believe Donkey Kong pushed Princess Peach into the crocodile pit. I'm going to get him arrested by littering a cupcake on the ground.

Tara picks up her cupcake, and she went outside the house. She littered it on the ground, and started hiding behind a tree.

Tara: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!

Just then, Donkey Kong came, an he saw the cupcake on the ground.

Donkey Kong: Who could've littered this cupcake?

Police arrives.

Police officer: You are under arrest for littering this cupcake!

Donkey Kong: But officer, I didn't do it. It was just on the ground when I was...

Police officer: End of the story! Get in the police car!

In gaol...

Police officer: This is your cell! You'll stay here until next week!

The police officer walks away, and then Sumo Kong came.

Sumo Kong: Donkey Kong! How dare you litter a cupcake on the ground?! That's it! I will call Tara's dad now!

At Tara's house, Tara's dad was proud with Tara.

Tara's dad: Shay, thank you for getting Donkey Kong arrested. You are ungrounded! You can hang out with King Bob if you'd like.

Tara: Thanks daddy! You're the best!

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