Team Rocket Starts Beaten Up Gfourtx, And They're Doomed And Blasted Off By Pikachu, Aine Yuki And Ike.

Cast Edit

  • James:Steven
  • Jessie:Kate
  • Moewth:Young Guy
  • Ike:Joey
  • Gfourtx:Brian
  • Aine Yuki:Kayla
  • Pikachu:Ivy

Transcript Edit

  • James:Today, We Are Going To Beat Up Gfourtx, Har (x10)!
  • Jessie:Good Idea, James!
  • Meowth:Me Too!

At Gfourtx's House Edit

  • Gfourtx:What's Up, Team Rocket, How Are You!
  • (James, Jessie, And Meowth Beats Up Gfourtx For No Reason)
  • Gfourtx:Waaaaaaaa! That's Hurts!
  • Jessie:That's Right!
  • Aine:Hey You, Team Rocket!
  • Meowth:Who The Two Are You?
  • Ike:I'm Ike!
  • Aine:And I'm Aine Yuki!
  • Pikachu:I'm Pikachu!
  • Ike:Team Rocket, How Dare You Beat Up Gfourtx, That's It, You're Doomed, And I Will Perform Great Aether On You With My Legendary Hero Form!
  • (Ike Does A Great Aether On Team Rocket)
  • Aine:Pikachu, Thunderbolt!
  • Pikachu:PIKACHU!!
  • (Pikachu Uses Thunder Bolt to Blast Team Rocket Off For Beaten Up Gfourtx)
  • Team Rocket:Team Rocket Blasted Off Again!
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