Ashley A-Emma

Ashley B-Amy

Ashley Q-Allison

Ashley T-Salli



This takes place right after Lawson and his girlfriend made Ashley B angry and she was sent to the insane hospital.


(at the insane hospital, three of the four Ashleys were talking to the receptionist)

Receptionist: Ashley Armbruster, Ashley Quinlan, and Ashley Tomassian, why are you here at this time?

Ashley A: It's because Ashley Boulet is in the insane hospital ward.

Receptionist: How did this happen?

Ashley Q: It's because Erwin Lawson and his girlfriend Rachel Hart made her angry. 

Ashley T: She could have told the police officer her disability like Fluttershy106 or stayed away from the mace. Now she put us in some form of struggle.

Receptionist: Her room is on Floor 3.

(later in Ashley B's hospital ward)

Ashley B: Thank Heavens it's you.

Ashley A: What landed you here this time?

Ashley B: Well, Lawson and Rachel made me angry. I had to use mace to teach them a lesson only to be caught by a police officer. That's why I landed myself in the insane hospital.

Ashley Q: You could have said you had autism to the police officer.

Ashley T: That way, everything could have been all right.

Ashley B: That's true.

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