The Legendary Crew is a Video Game based on the Gaming Crew with the Same Name. This Video Game is about the 4 heroes from the Lakeside named Ike, Azura, Kohtaro Minami, and Female Corrin. Who loves going Adventures to defeat their enemies named The Black Knight, Anakos, and General Jark.



Playable CharactersEdit


  • Ike - Leading Protagonist and a Chimera Monster who can do Technologies about Adventures
  • Azura - Female Protagonist and Dragon Monster, who is Ike's Husband and can do Adventures that is full of Prehistories. 
  • Kohtaro Minami - Male Protagonist who is from Japan, Ike's Close Friend and a Fusionized Chimera Monster, who would do Adventures with Modern Life
  • Female Corrin - Female Protagonist, Ike's Great Friend and a Leviathan Monster, Who would do the adventures to support her friends.


  • Ryoma - Female Corrin's Husband who was saved by Female Corrin and Ike from The Black Knight. As an Unlockable, He would wield his Raijinto to Attack his enemies.
  • Reiko Shiratori - Kohtaro Minami's Wife who was saved by Kohtaro Minami and Azura from General Jark. As an Unlockable, She used her camera to Take Pictures at Enemies, and she used her Glorius Spear to Attack them. 

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Female Kana - Ike and Azura's Monster Child
  • Shigure - Ike and Azura's Monster Child
  • Lunick - Ike and Azura's Monster Child
  • Himawari - Female Corrin and Ryoma's Monster Child
  • Lana - Kohtaro Mianmi and Reiko Shiratori's Monster Child
  • Harith - Kohtaro Minami and Reiko Shiratori's Monster Child


  • Jet Jaguar
  • Hedorah
  • Gigan
  • Mecha-King Ghidorah
  • Destoroyah
  • Biollante
  • General Jark (Kohtaro Minami and Azura only)
  • The Black Knight (Female Corrin and Ike only)
  • Anankos (Final Boss)
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