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(At the town, the Offbeats were excited)

Betty Anne bongo: Oh boy! We're looking forward to go to the rock 'n' roll concert!

Tommy: I know betty Anne! This is so exciting!

August: We get to sing some songs!

Repunzil: We get to sing songs including the Abba ones! Even me and tommy can sing Summer Nights from Grease!

August: Yeah, And we’ll join you, so let’s rehearse!

(after they did the rehearsing)

betty Anne bongo: Yay! We Did the rehearsal! Now they won't have to bother us ever again! This means we get to go to the rock 'n' roll concert and sing some songs!

Tommy, Repunzil And August: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Betty Anne bongo: But first lets do a high five!

(the four did a hi 5, then they do a hip bump)

(Later, at the rock 'n' roll concert. The music director had an announcement.)

Music Director: Good evening everybody! in association with Fred Stockdale has proudly announced, making their kablam stage debut! Ladies and gentlemen, the rock 'n' roll concert is proud to present you - the Offbeats! 

(The music director walked offstage as the audience clapped and applauded. The curtain raised to reveal the Offbeats. Betty Anne bongo had an announcement.) 

Betty Anne bongo: Thank you! Thank you very much! (Sings) My name is Betty-Ann Bongo. I sing a little song-o, I sing it all day long-o!

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